Five Tourists Caught Drinking Alcohol During Wildlife Safari In Tadoba Tiger Reserve; Fined ₹5000 Each

Five tourists illegally snuck in alcohol during a wildlife safari at Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Five Tourists Caught Drinking Alcohol During Wildlife Safari In Tadoba Tiger Reserve; Fined ₹5000 Each

In a shocking incident, five tourists were caught drinking alcohol during a wildlife safari at Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Maharashtra. The tourists were fined ₹5000 each for their irresponsible behaviour and misconduct at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Read on to know more about this untoward incident.

Five Tourists Illegally Smuggle Alcohol During Wildlife Safari At Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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A report by The Times Of India stated that five tourists departed to Tadoba Tiger Reserve for a wildlife safari from the Moharli Gate. One individual in the group showed a keen interest in spotting a tiger. However, all five tourists in the gypsy were illegally consuming alcohol during the wildlife safari. The tour guide noticed this inappropriate conduct and cautioned the tourist against consuming alcohol during the safari.

Ignoring his warning, the group persisted in their misdemeanour. Left with no choice, the tour guide took decisive action. Upon returning to the Moharli Gate, the tour guide alerted forest officials about this untoward incident. An investigation took place after which the Tadoba Tiger Project management confirmed that all five tourists in the gypsy were intoxicated. Authorities fined the tourists ₹5000 each and prohibited them from future visits to the reserve forests. The Forest Department collected a total of ₹25,000 as a fine from the five miscreants.

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Not The First Time Visitors Smuggled Alcohol Into The Forest

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Picture Credits: Canva Pro

However, this is not the first time the Forest Department has come across tourists smuggling alcohol into the forests during safari. The Forest Department fined tourists for the same reason earlier. Withholding the names of the perpetrators, the Deputy Director of the Tadoba Tiger Project emphasised that wasn’t an isolated incident. The names remain undisclosed due to privacy and human rights concerns.

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The Deputy Director of Tadoba Tiger Project further stated to TOI that steep fines and other stringent measures are needed to prevent tourists from partaking in such irresponsible behaviour in the future. The protection of the delicate ecosystem at Tadoba Tiger Reserve is of utmost importance. This news comes after a picture circulated on social media showing three adults sitting at the edge of the gypsy, holding a child in hand when a tiger was located just a few metres away.

We hope tourists strictly adhere to the rules of the Forest Department and avoid irresponsible and negligent behaviour during wildlife safaris.

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