X User Calls Out Tourists For Being Careless In Front Of Tiger On Jungle Safari; Says, “3 Jokers”

Netizens are angry seeing the tourists being so indisciplined on the safari.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Calls Out Tourists For Being Careless In Front Of Tiger On Jungle Safari; Says, “3 Jokers”

Exploring national parks, seeing wild animals from nearby, and enjoying safari rides are such memorable experiences, right? Well, a memory like this can become an unforgettable scar for the whole life in a few seconds. If tourists fail to stay disciplined on these trips, they might fall into the trap of untamed animals and unfortunately, incidents like this happened in the past. Recently, someone shared a scary story of some tourists being the utmost careless on such a journey, that too with a kid on their lap.

Travellers Ignored Drivers And Guides And Stood At The Very End Of Gypsy

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Anand Sankar (@kalapian_) shared a recent incident of travellers being careless on a safari.

We all get fascinated during safari rides and often cannot hold our excitement and thrill to explore the unseen paradise. In a recent incident, 3 adults and a kid were seen enjoying a gypsy ride and their trip went viral on the Internet for the foolish stunt of the adults. Calling the adult jokers, Anand called out the tourists for being careless. He shared how these three people on the gypsy refused to listen to the safety instructions of the guides and drivers. They were so close to a tiger but still chose to stand at the very end of the gypsy. Not only there was a threatening risk of the tiger attempting to pounce on the baby but even the slightest movement of the vehicle could have led to them losing their balance and facing an accident.

FKRP (@FarhanKhanPatel) took to the microblogging site to share a miserable experience faced by a few tourists in Bannerghatta Safari Park.

It was in the year 1992 when a family visited the famous Bannerghatta Safari Park in Bengaluru. In the popular safari ride, a kid was sitting on the lap of her grandfather. Farhan shared how a tiger came and snatched her and the disaster happened in such a hurry that no one had enough time to even react or take any action to save that girl from the wild animal.

This scary incident was the reason behind Bannerghatta Safari Park starting to use caged buses.

Geetha Rani Ezhilkumar🇮🇳 (@EzhilkumarRani) shared how a similar incident happened in the Hyderabad zoo as well and an infant fell in the trap of a wild animal.

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Netizens Are Furious On These Tourists For Being Careless!

Misbehaviours like this are not expected from adults, especially in the middle of the wilderness with a baby. X users are concerned seeing these three visitors’ negligence and irresponsibility towards them and the kids’ wellbeing. The scariest instance was how the tiger was sitting just a few metres away and anything could have happened. Many are demanding strict measures.

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Please be extremely careful, cautious, and protective of yourself, tourists, and wild animals while enjoying such rides in dense forests. Also, make sure to listen to drivers and guides always.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Anand Sankar (@kalapian_) 

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