Tiger Removes Plastic Bottle From Water Body In Viral Video; Netizens Say, “Shame On Us”

In a viral video, a tiger can be seen removing a plastic bottle from a water body.

by Shreya Ghosh
Tiger Removes Plastic Bottle From Water Body In Viral Video; Netizens Say, “Shame On Us”

We love travelling to new places and exploring different destinations. From witnessing scenic views to enjoying new experiences, the feelings of travelling are phenomenal always. Sadly, we often do not care about nature and animals living inside the lush greenery. Many tourists simply throw plastic, bottles, and wrappers here and there without even thinking about the aftermath. A video of a tiger removing and dealing with a plastic bottle is making rounds on the internet.

Tiger Cleaned Garbage By Removing Plastic Bottle

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter), Susanta Nanda (@susantananda3) shared a video of a tiger cleaning garbage. The video was originally shared by Deep Kathikar.

Shared just a couple of hours back, the video has already started getting viral. With over 27K views in 3 hours, the video has reached many Netizens already. The video shows how a tiger is grabbing a thrown-away plastic bottle from a water body in a location surrounded by many plants and trees. It looks like somewhere in the wilderness.

I feel horrible and disappointed at the same time seeing a wild animal being protective and cautious about nature when we humans are the ones responsible for throwing all these products and items here and there without bothering much about anything. Sharing the video of the tiger cleaning the water body, Susanta Nanda asked “Why should the wild clean the garbage of the (un)civilised” and requested to “Please stop carrying plastics & styrofoams into the wilderness”.

In another post, Susanta Nanda shared that this tiger actually picked up the plastic bottle and dropped it in front of the gipsy of the videographer. “Message was loud & clear to all of us”, he further added.

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Netizens Are Sad, Angry & Ashamed!

The video sheds light on the reality and shows the harsh truth of tourists’ behaviours and actions. Many of us have knowingly thrown garbage all around at some point in time. Unfortunately, thousands and lakhs still continue to do the same, pollute nature, and make it hard for wild animals to live in peace. Netizens are reacting to this viral video and sharing their opinions on people being irresponsible. Here’s how they are responding to this video.

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What do you think of this shocking incident?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Susanta Nanda (@susantananda3)

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