Flight Attendant Reveals Shocking Secrets About What Goes On Inside A Private Jet

by Sanmita A
Flight Attendant Reveals Shocking Secrets About What Goes On Inside A Private Jet

To take flight in a private jet is plain luxury. And this luxury can be availed by the rich – super-rich only. They have extraordinary facilities that are very different from that of a commercial flight. And, taking a flight in them is an expensive affair that only a few can afford. Well, for us, before we turn super rich to fly in one of them, let us go ahead & know what exactly happens when the rich take a private jet flight.

What Is So Special About A Private Jet Flight?

A flight attendant who happens to be associated with a private jet flight told in a media interview about all she experienced and saw in private jets. She, obviously, didn’t reveal her identity and gave a lot of clarity on who are the exact consumers of these flight services. She told in the interview with The Express, that the passengers she came across during her trips were mostly the very rich British and Americans. Not a shocker, right? And, they usually hire these private jet flight services for exotic holidays with their family and friends.


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Flight Attendant Narrates Personal Experience

The flight attendant catering to one such rich client told that how he had two different girlfriends for his America and Europe tour. It was definitely an awkward situation for her, but the captain told her about it. She didn’t reveal the names of the clients – but they are usually the top class and rich ones. On another unusual private jet trip, the attendant had a client asking for champagne before heading to a funeral. And she obviously didn’t have any, considering who would drink that before going to a funeral. Rich and their bizarre wants! Relatable, much?

But, most all, she told that the best thing about a private jet is that she gets tipped handsomely. And, the passengers are usually very pleasant and enjoy their journey! And, did we tell you, that no matter the duration, the clients receive a treat to a full-course meal? So, not like commercial flights.

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