Flight Demand Sees A Surge In Himachal Pradesh As Kalka-Shimla Highway & Railway Stands Closed

by Shreya Ghosh
Flight Demand Sees A Surge In Himachal Pradesh As Kalka-Shimla Highway & Railway Stands Closed

We all are aware of how the monsoon season wreaked havoc in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. From people losing their lives to floods destroying properties to landslides, the harsh impacts of this year’s rainy season are endless. Following incessant downpours and floods, there have been some reports of landslides in different parts of the state. Recent landslides blocked over 330 roads including the crucial Kalka-Shimla road.

Air Travel Sees A Surge In Himachal Pradesh Following The Impacts Of Incessant Rainfall, Floods & Landslides

This hilly state has always been a favourite of visitors, especially mountain lovers. Tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh experience a huge tourist footfall all the time but the unfortunate monsoon season and its impacts created a major obstacle for the tourism industry to grow and flourish. Both rail and road transportation have seen severe consequences due to these natural calamities.

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Right now, many travellers are showing their interest in opting for air travel and not travelling by rail or road, according to a report by Hindustan Times. For people visiting Himachal Pradesh from other states or going somewhere from Himachal, there is a rise in demand for flight tickets for both journeys.

Here Are Some Updates About The Rise In Demand For Air Travel:

Himachal Pradesh
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  • People in the travel sector recently revealed the increase in travellers’ demand for flight tickets in the last couple of weeks.
  • An official of the Bhuntar airport shared that many businessmen and officials are doing inquiries about flight tickets as they want to reach Delhi, according to the HT report. He talked about how most of the demands are to fly to the national capital.
  • The official added that there are some issues because of defined flight numbers in the Himachal Pradesh airports.

Mohinder Seth is the President of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Stakeholders’ Association and he shared how the closing of railway and road services is the reason behind this spike in air travel in Himachal Pradesh. The Shimla-Kalka railway route is halted for now. It has been about a week since the Kalka-Shimla highway is stopped for vehicular movement.

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These are crucial transportation facilities connecting Himachal Pradesh with nearby cities and states. But the pause in the proper movement here left people with no choice but to look for flight tickets.

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