Himachal Pradesh: 330 Roads Including Kalka-Shimla Road Closed Due To Rain-Triggered Landslides

by Shreya Shriyan
Himachal Pradesh: 330 Roads Including Kalka-Shimla Road Closed Due To Rain-Triggered Landslides

Himachal Pradesh has been one of the biggest victims of heavy rainfall and landslides in India. In the past month, many deaths were reported in the state. And so, to ensure the tragedy doesn’t continue, Himachal Pradesh will shut down 330 roads including the famous Kalka-Shimla road. 

Himachal Pradesh Closes 330 Roads Including The Kalka-Shimla Road

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On August 3, Vikramaditya Singh, the Minister of Public Works Department in Himachal Pradesh, stated that rain-triggered landslides and flash floods have led to road closures. The ongoing monsoons have led to the closure of 330 roads and two main four-lane roads.  This is including Kalka-Shimla, in the state, reported NDTV. 

During his recent visit to the state, Singh thanked Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for pledging a ₹400 crore package for the restoration of the flood-hit Kullu district, stated reports. On August 2, Mr Gadkari and Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu visited the flood-hit areas. Including Bada Bhuiyan, Klath, and Aloo Ground Manali, as per the reports. 

They interacted with the affected people, seeking insights into their concerns during this challenging time.

Mr Singh expressed hope to receive support from the Centre as Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu will meet PM Modi in the next 2 days. As per the report, Singh said the state has closed 330 roads including two main four-lane roads of the National Highway Authority of India. 

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What Does This Mean For The Flood Affected State?

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As per the reports, In the next 2 days, the Chief Minister will meet PM Modi, Union Home Minister, and Finance Minister to speak on the issue of fund allocation. According to the state disaster management authority, Himachal Pradesh reported nearly 200 rain-related deaths.

31 people were also reported missing in the past 41 days since the start of the monsoon. During the monsoon period, landslides and flash floods also caused 57 deaths. Road accidents resulted in 142 fatalities out of a total of 199 deaths, stated NDTV’s reports.

The Principal Secretary of the state government’s disaster management department stated that the loss of lives is increasing every day. As per the reports, he also mentioned that the damages to infrastructure due to the rains are rising daily.

Rain-triggered flash floods have caused damage to 774 houses, while 7317 houses suffered partial damage, said NDTV. The data also indicates damage to 254 shops and 2337 cow sheds. Additionally, the state experienced 79 landslides and 53 flash flood incidents.

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Additionally, 274 electricity and 42 water supply schemes remain disrupted, stated reports. On August 3 the Indian meteorological department issued a heavy rain warning for the state during the next two days, said NDTV.

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