Flyer Poops On Toilet Floor To Snag In Engine, 5 Flight Incidents Happened In The Past 48 Hrs

by Shreya Rathod
Flyer Poops On Toilet Floor To Snag In Engine, 5 Flight Incidents Happened In The Past 48 Hrs

Airline incidents are common and several things have occurred in the past 48 hours. We have compiled 5 flight incidents that include everything from technical issues in flight to passenger defecating on the toilet floor.

5 Flight Incidents Happened In The Past 48 Hours

1. Passenger Defecates On Toilet Floor

Passengers on a trip from Spain to London had a shocking mishap that left them stuck. On an easyJet aircraft from Tenerife, Spain, to London’s Gatwick Airport, the incident took place. After a man urinated on the plane’s floor, the authorities decided to cancel the trip. As there were faeces on the toilet floor of the aeroplane, the pilot announced that the flight would not take off. The pilot is heard saying in the viral video that they would spend the night since it would be really interesting to urinate in the front toilet. They would really deplane everyone and make plans for them to stay the night and fly the next day.

2. Ryanair Flight Was Forced Into An Emergency Landing

Ryanair Flight
Credits: Wikimedia

After an emergency landing was required because a door was left open, Ryanair staff members were in tears and passengers were described as “terrified.” The RK178 flight from Belfast International Airport to Edinburgh was forced to perform a U-turn and land as a result of a minor mechanical fault, with passengers reporting that a door of the aircraft was left open when it took off. One traveller claimed that from the moment the jet took off, everybody was aware that something was amiss. They claimed that the flight attendants were scared and in tears and that the captain of the aircraft repeatedly inspected one of the doors.

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3. IndiGo Flight Attendant Provided Vrat Delicacies To Senior IPS Officer

An IndiGo flight attendant who learned that senior IPS officer Arun Bothra was keeping a fast during Navratri offered to provide vrat-friendly delicacies with him in return for the knowledge. The officer said in a post on the microblogging website X that he skipped the normal snacks on a recent Indigo flight since he was fasting for Navratri.

The IndiGo flight attendant offered the IPS officer a cup of tea and some munchies when she learned that he was fasting. Additionally, she declined to accept money for the refreshments and informed him that she was also observing a fast for Navratri instead. Along with sabudana chips, sesame seed chikki, and tea, the IndiGo crew member gave the officer a message that stated that it was a pleasure having him onboard with them. And may Durga Maa bless him!

4. US Resumes Deportation Flights To Venezuela

US Deportation Flights
Credits: Canva

As part of the Biden administration’s most recent measures to deal with the growing number of asylum seekers, deportation flights of Venezuelans from the US commenced on Wednesday, with the first plane carrying more than a hundred migrants landing back in their economically precarious country. President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has made a huge concession to a longstanding foe by deporting individuals to the South American country for the first time in years.

5. Technical Issue In IndiGo Kolkata Flight

indigo flight
Credits: Wikimedia

Passengers from Ranchi’s Birsa Munda International Airport who were travelling to Kolkata were left detained for several hours. This happened after an IndiGo flight was grounded due to the discovery of an issue with one of its engines. The Ranchi-Kolkata aircraft number 6E 7562 had as many as 150 passengers on board.

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One of its pilots discovered an engine problem during the standard pre-flight inspections. Then, he immediately informed the airliner’s ground crew and engineers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Rubee Rose/ X & Canva

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