Sumo Wrestlers Too Heavy To Fly To Odour-Led Emergency Landing, 5 Flight Incidents That Happened

by Shreya Rathod
Sumo Wrestlers Too Heavy To Fly To Odour-Led Emergency Landing, 5 Flight Incidents That Happened

Airline incidents have become a common occurrence. There have been several incidents of emergency landing, fights between passengers and so on. We have compiled these flight incidents that have happened for the last 2-3 days!

5 Flight Incidents That Have Happened

1. Japan Airlines Arranges For A Special Trip For Sumo Wrestlers

japan airlines flight incidents
Credits: Wikimedia

The top airline in Japan had to tack on an extra plane at the last minute after realising that two of its aircraft were perilously near to violating weight limits. The unique passenger list, which included some of the biggest sumo wrestlers in the nation, garnered headlines, not the fact that there was too much luggage. A special flight was planned by Japan Airlines as an “extraordinary decision” to accommodate these sumo wrestlers.

2. Australian Man Arrested Over Bomb-Threat

australian man scoot airline flight incidents
Credits: Wikimedia

In response to a bomb threat, a 30-year-old male Australian passenger on a Singapore-Perth flight was detained, and the aircraft was escorted back to Changi Airport by two Air Force fighter jets. Several flights to Singapore were placed in holding patterns over the nearby Riau Islands of Indonesia, including Singapore Airlines flight SQ331 from Paris, United Airlines flight UA29 from San Francisco, and IndiGo flight 6E1013 from New Delhi. Police stated that an investigation was ongoing and that the accused had been charged with criminal intimidation.

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3. Air India Amritsar Flight Made Emergency Landing At Karachi Airport

air india airline incidents
Credits: Wikimedia

On Saturday, October 14, an Air India flight with a destination of Amritsar made an emergency landing at the airport in Karachi after a passenger experienced an unexpected medical issue while flying. The Air India Express flight left Dubai at 8:51 a.m. local time to arrive in Amritsar, which is located in the Punjab province of northwest India. It was instead rerouted to Pakistan, where it touched down in Karachi at 12:30 p.m. The representative for Air India Express stated that Karachi was the most convenient destination to provide the passenger with emergency medical attention.

4. Delta Airlines Passenger Rectifies A Mistake

delta airline
Credits: Wikimedia

The careers of workers in customer service are significantly impacted by ratings and reviews. Knowing this, a Delta Airlines passenger did something amazing when she accidentally handed one star to a representative of the airline. She not only contacted the airline but also made a video explaining her error. Further, she pleaded with them to let her adjust her rating to 5. Samantha Brown shared the video explaining her error and her desire to put things right on Instagram.

5. The Flight Made he Emergency Landing Due To An Unusual Odour

Southwest Airlines flight
Credits: Wikimedia

An “unusual odour” was detected in the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Tulsa, Oklahoma, prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing. After a half-hour of combat, the pilot made a U-turn and made a safe landing at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. The event happened late on Thursday. The aircraft was swapped out and continued to its destination after inspection, according to an email.

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These were the updates on flight incidents that you should take note of!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

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