Food Blogger Shares The Best Hack To Reheat Naan & It Looks Like An Effective Tip

by Shreya Ghosh
Food Blogger Shares The Best Hack To Reheat Naan & It Looks Like An Effective Tip

Who doesn’t love to order bahaar ka khaana? No matter how much we try cooking any delicacy at home, getting that perfect restaurant wala taste is a task. Placing an order and getting it delivered to home is such an easy-peasy step but the difficulty here is reheating some dishes such as Naan, Roti, and more. You might have faced the issue of naan getting dry after reheating them. Well, we have found an easy solution to this problem.

Does Naan Become Dry After You Reheat Them?

Reheat Naan
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If you love to gorge on naan, then you surely order this dish quite often from your favourite restaurant. The deliciousness and aroma make us more hungry and we can never wait long to devour naan with some sabzi or any non-veg side dishes. But before that, reheating is a must as naan can get stiff when it is cold. But the biggest problem is that heating them again often makes them quite dry and even hard and rubbery to chew. Well, don’t you worry as we have got your back as always. We have found an effective hack that lets you reheat naan in just a few minutes and does not compromise the softness or texture.

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Bid Adieu To Dry Naan With This Simple Trick!

Food blogger Thakur Sisters | Food Bloggers (@thakursistersofficial) shared a video of trying a hack of reheating naan using only a few drops of water.

Simply take a pan and put it on the gas. Now put the naan add some drops of water into the pan and keep heating till the water bubbles up completely. Make sure you are not using a lid to cover the pan in between. The entire reheating process is going to take just a couple of minutes.

This step to reheat naam surely looks convenient and hassle-free as well. The best part is that heating does not hamper the taste or softness.

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Do you think this to be an effective hack? Are you going to use this trick to reheat naan and enjoy the soft and fluffy flatbread with delicious side dishes?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva