These 11 Amazing Food Trucks Are Sure To Add The Extra Zing To Your Wedding

by A. Dubey
These 11 Amazing Food Trucks Are Sure To Add The Extra Zing To Your Wedding

Who doesn’t like the idea of food trucks? Especially when it’s that late afternoon at the wedding and everyone’s looking for some yummy eats and some friendly banter. And oh, let’s not forget that music and dancing can in a way tire you so everyone just falls on the food for some respite.

Here are 11 best food trucks one can have at their mehendi or reception party!

1. Ice Cream Food Truck

If yours is a summer wedding, then a Frugurpop Food Truck filled with alcoholic ice lollies is a sure-fire way to please your guests. You get a child like feel with getting ice cream from a food truck and it beats the sweltering sun in the best way possible.

2. Dosa Truck 

Instead of a live dosa station, go for a food truck serving hot flavoured dosas, appams and more. Would be a fun addition especially if you are planning an intercultural North-South Wedding

3. Chaat & Pao Bhaji Truck 

This one’s for those who will never let the sun go down on a mehendi without eating some chaat and asking for seconds. So Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji, Dahi Puri…you name it, it’s here to be served phata-phat.

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4. Rolls & Wraps 

Rolls are everyone’s favourite food – add paratha plus yummy fillings, done! So make sure you pick up the most popular rolls and keep the food coming! If you want to give it a Mexican twist then the Lalit Food Truck would be awesome.

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5. Indian Sweet Truck  

From Gulab Jamuns to Jilebis, from Peda to Gevar – there was everything there for soothe your sweet tooth. Imagine having to watch jilebi being made fresh at the truck? Yummers!

6. Pakora Truck 

Pakoras have a special place in our hearts and that means, everything from onion to potato to even karela pakoras to be served up hot with mint chutney.

7. Masala Soda Truck 

Saw this real cute soda idea at Fort in Mumbai on a sunny afternoon. So basically, masala soda guy reinvented it and now he makes Thumsup Masala Soda, 7 up Masala Soda etc. A soft drink of your choice masala-fied to your liking. How cute is that? You should try the Miranda masala soda!!!

8. Kebabs Truck 

Who loves kebabs? Us!!!! From Tandoori kebabs on sticks to  grilled hotdogs to  chicken achari in ice-cream cones – serve up your kebabs hot-hot and watch your guests go ahhhhhh with happiness!

9. Chaiya Kadai

 Chai and coffee – two things a mehendi cannot do without. Alila Diwa Goa had these really cute chai kadais that served up tea and coffee with a host of yummy additions like bun, biscuit and jhalmuri. Serve up different flavours of tea and modernise it with chamomile or marigold tea or even cardamom tea.

10. Desi dogs 

We found this gem of a place in a Pop up market in Mumbai where hot dogs were served up with Indian fillings like Coriander chutney, chicken sausages with tandoori spice etc. Really cool idea! You could also do some serious grills, meats and hot dogs as a food truck.

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