Food Trucks In Bangalore Reduced From 48 In 2020 To Just 10 Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

by Sanjana Shenoy
Food Trucks In Bangalore Reduced From 48 In 2020 To Just 10 Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

Bangalore thrives on rich food culture. From swanky fine-dining restaurants, bustling darshinis, unique themed cafes, to open-air breweries, Bangaloreans love experimenting with food. But there’s one food establishment that has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. That is the food truck scene in Bangalore. Our beloved food trucks have witnessed a considerable drop in numbers, as they struggled to stay afloat amid the dreaded pandemic. Read on to know more.

Bangalore Food Trucks Face Brunt Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Varun Sequeira, the President of Bangalore Food Truck Association revealed to Deccan Herald that the food truck numbers have dropped from 48 in 2020 to less than 10 currently. The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest factor at play. The Covid-19 lockdowns left food truck owners with no choice but to quit the business. While some opened restaurants others established cloud kitchens to earn a living. The owner of Bready Steady Go at VV Puram, Rohith Bhanuprakash revealed to Deccan Herald that he fears Bangalore will be left with no food trucks by the end of 2022. So, he plans to open a cafe soon.

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Food Truck Owners Await Unique Licenses To Operate As Mobile Business

In his words, space is a huge obstacle as one needs to purchase a UPS to ensure the food truck continues its operations. Food trucks in Bangalore don’t have a unique license yet. If they procure such licenses, they will get permission to function as a mobile business. In the absence of a unique license, food truck owners are treated just like hawkers and street vendors, says Varun Sequeira. Also, food trucks rely on private events and tie-ups with apartment complexes across the city. With the coronavirus concerns, events have been banned and apartment complexes have stayed wary of outsiders. So, it’s yet to be seen if food trucks will pick up in the city, or if the new Omicron variant plays a damper. Meanwhile, check Bangalore’s beloved food truck started by the actor and Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Winner, Shine Shetty.