Foodies Disappointed Over Viral Video Of Biryani Handis Floating Away In Flooded Hyderabad Street

by Sushmita Mahanta
Foodies Disappointed Over Viral Video Of Biryani Handis Floating Away In Flooded Hyderabad Street

The ongoing incessant rains in Telangana have not only led to traffic jams and waterlogging but also caused heartbreaks for Biryani lovers! Yes, you heard it right. A recent viral video of two Biryani handis floating away in a flooded street in Hyderabad has left all the biryani enthusiasts in a state of disappointment. The viral video will leave you splits as well as cause the foodie in you a little heartbreak! On July, 29 a user handle ‘Ibn Crowley’, uploaded a video of the handis on twitter making netizens term it ‘floating biryani’. The clip soon went viral and now has around 1.1 million views on the app. Read on to know more about this unusual incident caused by rains in Hyderabad that has taken the internet by storm!

An Unusual Incident From A Hyderabad Street Goes Viral On The Internet

Hyderabad has been hit by incessant rains for the last couple of days and amidst such chaos, the waterlogged streets of the city have quite unusual things floating on them. A recent Twitter video of two handis of Biryani floating away on a flooded Hyderabad street is equally making people laugh and sigh in disappointment! A user handle ‘Ibn Crowley’ was seen tweeting the video with the caption, “Somebody is going to be unhappy for not getting his biryani order.” The video opens to the Nawab Saheb Kunta locality and the two handis are seen floating away on a waterlogged street outside an establishment called ‘Adiba Hotel’. A black vessel and a brown pot being swayed away from the restaurant in the floodwaters is now viral on the internet with over 1.1 million views.

How Netizens Reacted To The Floating Biryani Incident?

Netizens have come up with a name for the two Biryani handis that were being floated away by water on the flooded Hyderabad street. They call it the ‘Floating Biryani’! Funny right? Well, for some the incident appeared to be funny while all the biryani enthusiasts were totally left in disappointment after the incident. Imagine a foodie seeing food getting wasted- heartbreaking! But it’s the funny comments the viral video from the Hyderabad street has garnered, that will make you laugh out loud. The funniest one for us was when a Twitter user commented, “dum biryani ki aisi ki hit is Tairti Biryani”!
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