For Karan Kundrra, THIS Is How You Should End A Meal

by Ankita Mazumdar
For Karan Kundrra, THIS Is How You Should End A Meal

Recently, Karan Kundrra joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte, for a fun-filled episode of Tere Gully Mein to explore the streets of Sion. They explored Sion Koliwada’s Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar and ate at Chawla’s Fast Food and Sadguru Juice Centre. Turns out, we left an important food item from the food trail and Karan very diligently reminded us. Paan is an important food item and according to Karan, that is how we should end our meals. Looks like we had our ‘Khaike Pan Banaraswala’ moment with Karan Kundrra!

Karan Kundrra Ends His Meal In Style With A Paan

Curly Tales had a very fun and exciting day out with Karan Kundrra. With all the good food we indulged with him at Sion, it was surely a memorable one. But seems like neither Karan nor Curly Tales wanted to let go of each other and continue filming all day long. Turns out, the interview was done and dusted when Karan asked Arohi, “Tune paan nahi khilaya?” (You forgot to get me paan?).

The cameras had to be rolled again because we did not want to miss out on any precious moments with this precious boy! They went on to finally end the Sion food trail with a saada paan for Karan and a meetha paan for Arohi. Karan goes on to clarify that they ate a lot of food and it was crucial they eat something to digest all that yummy food. Hence, paan had to make an entry into this segment.

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He jokingly said that this paan portion of the video should be added after the end credits. It seems like this food trail with Karan is a never-ending situation and we not complaining.

Did He Ever Burn Down The Kitchen While Cooking?

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We played a very fun game with Karan Kundrra and his answers made us laugh out loud, quite literally. We are pretty sure these answers will make you laugh as well. The game we played was ‘Never Have I Ever’, where he had to take a sip of the strong Kokam Soda from Sadguru Juice Centre, every time he had done an activity named in a round.

Things can burn very easily in the kitchen, especially when you’re scrolling through countless reels and forget that you put eggs to a boil on the stove. We wanted to know if something similar happened to Karan as well. To our surprise, he said that had happened never to him. Arohi was quick to crown him as a “Good cook”. He went on to say, “I am a very safe and aware person. I am someone who is very aware of my surroundings.”

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Comment down below if you have ever burnt something or set food items on fire during cooking. How did you tackle the situation, let us know.

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