For Vidya Balan, It’s Always Roshogulla Over Gulab Jamun

by Ankita Mazumdar
For Vidya Balan, It’s Always Roshogulla Over Gulab Jamun

Vidya Balan is known for her contagious laughter, which can literally light up every room. On this enthusiastic episode of Sunday Brunch, the much-entertainment-filled Vidya Balan joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They talked about her new movie, Neeyat, which was released on big screens after the COVID-19 pandemic era, her first paycheck, her journey in Bollywood with its ups and downs, and so much more. Head to the episode to learn all about the excitement that followed!

Vidya Balan Will Always Choose Roshogulla Over Gulab Jamun

We played a fun game called ‘This and That’ with Vidya Balan and here, she had to choose one option out of the two. Mind you, she is very particular about her food. Also, Vidya has a strong connection with roots in Bengal and we could really see it in her choices during ‘This and That’. When we gave her the tough choice of choosing between Gulab Jamun and Roshogulla, it got all the more exciting.

With much zealousness, Vidya replied, “ROSHOGULLAAA!” We truly think that if we popped out a plate full of roshogulla, she might be the happiest of all. Next, we made her choose between Sambar and Cholar Dal. Any guesses for which one she picked? It was again a very tough choice for her but in the end, she went with Cholar Dal.

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Did She Ever Be A Detective In Real Life?

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In her new film, Neeyat, she plays the character of a detective. And Vidya Balan totally seems like a person who would want to know things about everyone and everything. So, we asked her if she had ever hired a detective for someone. Vidya went on to say that she has never hired a detective to keep an eye on someone because she is a decent detective herself.

She shared that she can figure things out on her own and is pretty good at it. Maybe that’s why all of her detective-related characters are so efficiently portrayed by her! We love to see that, honestly.

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The Sunday Brunch was filled with fun conversations over sushi, caramel popcorn, and pizza. We really enjoyed having Vidya Balan over for this episode and bonded with her over the preference of watching a movie on the big screens rather than on laptops.

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