Forget UPI, This Bengaluru Tea Seller Accepts Even Crypto Payment

by Sanmita A
Forget UPI, This Bengaluru Tea Seller Accepts Even Crypto Payment

A post regarding a tea seller accepting cryptocurrency as payment in Bengaluru surfaced on the Internet. A Twitter user took to Twitter and shared a photograph of the tea seller by a roadside. Especially with the crypto payment board, he has caught special attention on the Internet. Apart from introducing the cryptocurrency, the board also read ‘Roadside Dropout!’. Read on to know more!

Why Is Bengaluru Tea Seller Taking Crypto As Payment?

Bengaluru is the social hub and such offbeat things keep happening. People are super curious about this frustrating dropout who is serving tea in exchange for crypto. Akshay Saini shared this post that read, ‘Just Bangalore things 😌 #crypto #NammaBengaluru’.

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Who Is The Tea Seller?

As per multiple media reports, the tea seller is Shubham Saini, who invested an amount of ₹30,000 in opening this tea in Bengaluru. Saini’s roadside tea shop is located in Marathahalli. As per a report by The New Indian Express, Saini resorted to selling tea after he lost a huge amount of money in trading cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Saini also ensures that he updates the value of crypto on a regular basis. Meanwhile, take a look into what the Netizens are talking about the crypto tea seller of Bengaluru.

The Netizens definitely had a lot of questions regarding this tea seller on the streets of Bengaluru. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Akshay Saini