Former Afghanistan Minister Is Now Working As A Pizza Delivery Boy In Germany

by Suchismita Pal

Former Afghanistan Minister of Communication and Technology, Syed Ahmad Sadat is now working as a pizza delivery boy in Germany. Recently, Al Jazeera Arabia posted his pictures on Twitter. Speaking to Sky News, Sadat confirmed that these are his pictures. He was employed as a technical advisor in the Communication and Information Technology Ministry of Aghanistan from 2005 to 2013. He became a part of Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet in 2018. But he resigned from the post in 2020 and left for Germany. Sadat now resides in one of the most populous German cities, Leipzig.

The Ex-Minister Holds Two Master’s Degrees From Oxford University

According to Sky News, Sadat started working as a delivery boy for the German company Livrando when he was out of money. The ex-minister also holds two prestigious master’s degrees in Communication and Electronic Engineering from Oxford University. Sadat has worked in over 20 companies in 13 countries in a span of 23 years. But now he lives a modest life, cycling around the German streets and delivering pizzas from door to door.

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He Was Spotted By A Local Journalist

A local journalist in Germany had spotted Sadat riding on the street with pizzas. The journalist tweeted, “A few days back, I met a man who claimed to have been the Afghan communications minister for two years ago. I asked what he was doing in Leipzig. “I’m driving out of Essen for Lieferando”( told the man)”.

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Reportedly, Sadat had moved to Germany in December 2020.