Woman Fleeing Afghanistan Gives Birth To Baby Girl On US Evacuation Flight

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman Fleeing Afghanistan Gives Birth To Baby Girl On US Evacuation Flight

An Afghan woman fleeing Afghanistan on a US military plane gave birth to a baby girl on board. The US Air Force tweeted on August 22 that the woman went into labour en route to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The pregnant Afghan woman faced complications.  While many women have given birth on flights, this story is a triumph. here’s why.

Pregnant Afghan Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Evacuation Flight

When the pregnant Afghan woman onboard a US evacuation flight went into labour and started having complications, 28.000 feet above, the pilot descended the plane to increase air pressure on board the plane. This helped stabilise the situation. Medical personnel then boarded the plane after it landed at the Ramstein base. They helped the woman deliver her baby girl in the cargo hold of the evacuation plane. The mother and child were then transferred to a medical facility.

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afghan woman birth on flight

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The Mother & Baby Girl Are Safe

The US military shoed footage of the mother lying on a stretcher carried off by US soldiers at the base situated in southwest Germany. The mother and baby girl are both safe and in good condition. Evacuation operations from foreign countries have been continuing ever since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. With panic and desperation scenes in the Kabul airport, the USA has evacuated 17,000 people and India has brought back 392 people to date. India has got permission to operate 2 flights daily for its evacuation mission.