India Introduces Emergency Single-Entry Visa For Afghan Nationals; Here’s What It Means!

by Tania Tarafdar
India Introduces Emergency Single-Entry Visa For Afghan Nationals; Here’s What It Means!

As the Taliban overpowers Afghanistan, many people tried to flee the country to escape from the terror. As Afghanistan closes its airspace, India has been on a mission to evacuate the stranded Indians in Afghanistan. However, India is also helping the Afghan nationals to come out of terror. In order to fast-track their applications for entry into India, the Indian government has introduced a new category of e-visa. These visas will be valid for six months only and they will grant it after security and clearance.

Visa For Afghan Nationals Will Be Valid For Six Months

Statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs said, “MHA reviews visa provisions given the current situation in Afghanistan. A new category of electronic visa called “e-Emergency X-Misc Visa” introduced to fast-track visa applications for entry into India,” India is facilitating visa for the stay of Afghan nationals fleeing Afghanistan for six months. There is, however, no clarity on what will happen after the visa period expires. 

As India doesn’t have any refuge policy, it grants shelter to foreigners facing persecution in their countries. All the visa applications from Afghanistan will, however, first be cleared by security agencies. 

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Hundreds Of People Try To Climb On Plane At Kabul Airport

The Indian government reportedly informed Air India to put two aircraft on standby for emergency evacuation. Air India also prepared a set crew for emergency operations from Kabul to New Delhi. Bit with Taliban blocking roads to the airport and the Afghan airspace closed, the situation was dire. A video of hundreds of Afghans trying to climb into an aeroplane to fly out of the country amid the Taliban’s return is a lasting tragic image in the war-torn country. A parked aircraft at Kabul Airport is seen surrounded by a sea of people who are pushing and fighting to get in from the cabin.

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We pray for peace in Afghanistan.