Fresh Out Of The Printer? This 3D Printed Cheesecake Might Revolutionise Food Industry

by Curly Tales Desk
Fresh Out Of The Printer? This 3D Printed Cheesecake Might Revolutionise Food Industry

The world is transforming at a pace that is hard to catch up with. There is some innovation happening in some corners of the world at all times. The one that is circling the internet right now is an innovation in the food industry and amazing enough to bring a revolution. Columbia University scientists attempted to 3D print a cheesecake and it was a success. They made the cheesecake using 7 different ingredients in paste form and baked it using a laser.

3D Printed Cheesecake Marks A Revolution

According to Kevin Jiang’s report on The Star, edible food inks for Nutella, strawberry, peanut butter and more were used to make this cheesecake. 3D printing is not a new concept. Scientists have been at it for years now. First introduced in 2005, using it for printing food is a revolutionising concept.

Researchers from Columbia University did this experiment as a part of its Creative Machines Lab. They stated that 3D-printed cheesecake is just a glimpse of what the future holds. However, once more research and development are done, this would be a boon to the food industry. The kind of precision that will come with the customisability of a dish will be unmatched. It will be particularly amazing for mock meat companies as they will be able to achieve the right texture.

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3D Printing IS The Future Of The Food Industry

Personalised nutrition is something that is being pointed out as the main benefit of this concept. Especially patients, who are unable to swallow foods, will be able to indulge in whatever they want in pureed form. Athletes will be able to modify their nutrition intake and those with food allergies will also be able to use this concept as per their specific needs.

The precision it brings will become its biggest selling point. However, there is a lot to be done before it can be of use to the masses. But once all the barriers are overcome, it will change the way the food industry looks right now.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Kevin Jiang