From Ahmedabad To Seoul, These Are The Top Asian Destinations For Slow Travel

Searches for slow travel have tripled in the past five years.

by Nikitha Sebastian
From Ahmedabad To Seoul, These Are The Top Asian Destinations For Slow Travel

The travel landscape is shifting. Forget whirlwind tours and ticking off landmarks – the new trend is slow travel, and it’s gaining serious momentum. According to Google Trends, searches for slow travel have tripled in the past five years. This mindful approach prioritises deeper connections with local cultures and people, turning your trip from a fleeting experience into a meaningful adventure.

Unveiling The Top Destinations

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Across eight Asian markets, fascinating destinations are emerging as hotspots for slow travel. Agoda, a leading travel booking platform, analysed booking data from the first quarter of 2024 to identify where travellers are choosing to linger.

Topping the list is Khao Lak, Thailand, a paradise renowned for its pristine beaches and laid-back charm. Other favourites include Seoul, South Korea, a dynamic metropolis with a rich cultural heritage; the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, offering an idyllic island escape; and the bustling Tokyo, Japan, a city brimming with technological wonders and ancient traditions.

Intriguingly, India presents a unique picture. Within the country, Ahmedabad stands out as the destination where travellers tend to stay the longest. This historic city boasts vibrant art, architectural gems, and a captivating atmosphere.

Goa, a classic beach haven, and Faizabad, steeped in historical significance, complete the top three for domestic slow travel in India. Interestingly, Indian travellers seeking a taste of slow travel abroad gravitate towards Seoul, South Korea, showcasing a desire for cultural immersion beyond familiar territory.

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The Rise Of Slow Travel

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“The allure of slow travel is undeniable,” says Krishna Rathi, Senior Country Director India Subcontinent and Maldives at Agoda. “In our fast-paced lives, travellers yearn to disconnect and connect – to truly experience the essence of a place and its people. At Agoda, we champion this mindful approach to travel, facilitating deeper connections through our extensive network of accommodations.”

The destinations on Agoda’s slow travel ranking provide the perfect canvas for immersive experiences. From snorkelling amidst the vibrant coral reefs of the Perhentian Islands to savouring the street food scene in Ho Chi Minh City, each location offers unique ways to delve deeper into local life.

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This caters to both slow travel enthusiasts and those seeking shorter city breaks. Agoda empowers travellers to discover the world at their own pace. They offer over 4 million accommodations, flights, and activities at competitive prices. For those embracing the slow travel philosophy, keep an eye out for Agoda’s long-stay deals. So, pack your bags, slow down, and embark on a journey of discovery through the captivating destinations of Asia.

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