From AlUla To Taif, 5 Best Destinations To Visit In Saudi Arabia In Summer

Saudi Arabia is home to some stunning summer destinations where enjoy a holiday! Details here.

by Shreya Rathod
From AlUla To Taif, 5 Best Destinations To Visit In Saudi Arabia In Summer

Saudi Arabia has enigmatic terrain, grandeur, serenity and offers a panoramic view of the Red Sea and is home to several stunning locations. With the summer season at its peak, here are some sought-after destinations to visit in Saudi Arabia.

best destinations To Visit In Saudi Arabia This Summer

1. AlUla

AlUla saudi arabia summer destinations
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Located between Tayma and Khaybar, this place not only has a rich history but also has been a major trading hub due to its convenient location. Its unique topography, which includes the well-known oasis and towering sandstone mountains, along with its temperate temperature, has fostered the growth of several civilisations. 

2. Aseer

aseer saudi arabia
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This province is a massif that stretches the whole length of the nation along the shore of the Red Sea from the Jordanian border all the way down to Yemen. The traditional architecture of Aseer Province is among the most noticeable representations of its cultural heritage. In fact, the area is home to a number of historic towns that enhance the already gorgeous landscape.

3. The Red Sea

the red sea
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The Red Sea is known for having the hottest and salties water on the Earth. It is one among the world’s most heavily utilised rivers, and its name comes from the colour variations in its waters. Due to the large population of algae, the sea adorns reddish brown instead of the deep blue-green colour. As varied as the scenery, the Red Sea provides a wide range of seamless, customised experiences that are authentic, enlightening, and respectful of old cultures.

4. Jeddah

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As a significant hub for commerce, Jeddah is the second-biggest city in Saudi Arabia with Al-Balad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as one of its most popular attractions. Historic structures, customary souks (markets), and Jeddah’s iconic coral residences adorn the city. With its stunning waterfront setting and stunning view of the Red Sea, it’s a perfect place for a picnic.

5. Taif

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Taif is situated in a valley on the eastern side of the Hejaz mountains and at the intersection of two of the most significant historical routes in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Being a favourite summer destination, it provides pleasant weather for anyone who is looking to escape the heat. 

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