From Auto To Metro, Delhi’s New All-in-One Tickets Now Live On Trial; Your Guide To Using It

Experience the trial run now and be part of shaping the future of urban transportation in the heart of India.

by Mallika Khurana
From Auto To Metro, Delhi’s New All-in-One Tickets Now Live On Trial; Your Guide To Using It

In a groundbreaking move to streamline daily commutes, Delhi has introduced a revolutionary all-in-one ticket platform that seamlessly integrates autorickshaws, taxis, buses, and the Delhi Metro. The trial run of this innovative system, conducted by the joint collaboration of Tummoc and the Delhi government, commenced on Wednesday and is set to expand across the city in the coming days.

Delhi’s All-In-One Ticket Marvel Simplifies Your Daily Commute

This novel service allows commuters to purchase a single ticket for a multi-modal journey. Imagine starting your day with an auto-picking you up at your doorstep, seamlessly transferring you to a bus stop or metro station, and continuing your journey on a bus or train—all under the convenience of a single ticket. This visionary initiative, spearheaded by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), aims to simplify the daily struggle of navigating different modes of transportation.

The partnership between DTC and a travel app ensures that commuters no longer need to visit multiple platforms for bus tickets or cab bookings. The trial phase of the government’s “single-journey ticket” project, set to last for seven days, is underway. Officials anticipate gathering valuable user feedback during this period to iron out any technical glitches before the formal launch.

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A Step-By-Step Guide For Users

Photo Credits: Tummoc/App

1. Enter Your Journey Details

Begin by inputting your departure location (e.g., your home) and your destination, which could be a restaurant or a friend’s house.

2. Choose Your Mode Of Transport

Select your preferred mode of transportation—whether it’s a DTC bus, the metro, a direct cab, or an auto-rickshaw.

3. Consider Station Accessibility

If you opt for a DTC bus or the metro, you may need to consider the accessibility of the stations. If they’re not within walking distance, the app also allows you to seamlessly book a cab or an auto for the initial and final legs of your journey.

4. Pre-book Rides

Whether it’s a cab or an auto, the app allows you to pre-book your rides before leaving home. No more searching for transport options after reaching the last bus stop or metro station; your ride is already sorted.

Additional Notes For Users:


Photo Credits: Tummoc/App
  • You can book a cab from your home to the first metro station or bus stop and vice versa.
  • If you’re opting for the metro, the app supports ticket purchases for up to six people.
  • The beauty of this system lies in its ability to plan and pay for your entire journey before stepping out, eliminating the need to juggle between various transportation means and payment locations.

Delhi’s new single-ticket platform promises to revolutionise daily commuting, offering a hassle-free and integrated experience for the city’s dwellers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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