From Bajra Khichdi To Ghewar, Here’s What JP Nadda’s Dinner Menu For NDA’s New Cabinet Looks Like!

A gastronomic celebration awaits the cabinet!

by Mallika Khurana
From Bajra Khichdi To Ghewar, Here’s What JP Nadda’s Dinner Menu For NDA’s New Cabinet Looks Like!

The political heart of India buzzed with activity as Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi is prepared to induct a new cohort into his Cabinet and Council of Ministers. The day, marked by ceremonies and interactions, combines formal proceedings with culinary delights. The highlight would certainly be the post-swearing-in celebration hosted by BJP chief, JP Nadda.

An Extravagant Dinner Hosted By JP Nadda

dum biryani
Photo Credits: Canva

The day began with a high tea hosted by Modi at his official residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, according to India TV News. The Prime Minister-designate welcomed Parliament members who are likely to be part of his new Cabinet. This gathering provided an opportunity for the leaders to interact in a more relaxed setting before the evening’s grand event.

At 7:15 pm, the majestic Rashtrapati Bhavan will set the stage for the swearing-in ceremony. Modi, along with his Council of Ministers, will take the oath of office in a ceremony that is both solemn and celebratory, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the governance of India.

As the formalities of the day conclude, the evening will transition into a celebration of flavours. BJP Chief JP Nadda will host an elaborate dinner for the newly-elected National Democratic Alliance (NDA) MPs. The menu is designed not just to satiate hunger but to celebrate the rich culinary heritage of India, with a special focus on summer delicacies to beat the heat.

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The Menu, A Feast For All Senses

ras malai
Photo Credits: Canva

The menu is a meticulously curated selection of dishes that promise to tantalise the taste buds and provide a refreshing experience. It comprises cool and refreshing delights like five varieties of juices and shakes, stuffed litchis, matka kulfi, and mango cream, encapsulating the essence of summer.

The main course will certainly be nothing short of extravagant, with Jodhpuri sabzi, dal, dum biryani and a variety of bread. As per Indian TV News reports, there will also be a counter dishing out authentic Punjabi dishes. Keeping up with the love for millets, bajra khichdi will also be served along with three kinds of raita.

Eight kinds of desserts, including a variety of ghewar and white ras malai, will also be served to the newly sworn-in cabinet. To wrap up the evening, a selection of teas and coffees will also be available. It will certainly provide the perfect end to a grand meal.

The guests would carry forward the memories of this culinary extravaganza as they begin shaping the nation’s future.

Cover Image Courtesy: JP Nadda/Instagram and Canva