From Biscuit To Jaggery, Canada Imports 13 Commodities From India

by Shreya Rathod
From Biscuit To Jaggery, Canada Imports 13 Commodities From India

Just like other countries, India and Canada have trade agreements and diplomatic relations. In fact, there are many commodities imported by the latter country. With the recent tension in their diplomatic ties, the trade might be affected. Here’s a list of commodities that Canada imports from India.

Canada Imports These Commodities From India

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A large population of Indian immigrants live in Canada for jobs and education. There are areas in the country that are called “mini India”. Moreover, there are certain products that you will find only in India and therefore, they need to be imported. In fact, you will find several supermarkets selling Indian food items and other commodities—here’s a list:

1. Natural honey
2. Cardamom
3. Sweet Biscuits
4. Incense sticks
5. Handbag
6. Synthetic Staple Fiber Yarn
7. T-shirt
8. Textile suit
9. Blankets and winter wear
10. Hand Tools
11. Needle Roller Bearing
12. Auto Parts
13. Wooden Products

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Food Items List Include Jaggery, Juice, Etc.

india canada import
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Among the immigrants, there is a large population of Indians from Punjab. Moreover, the country plays a unique role in Canada’s imports from India. Numerous Punjabi stores have arisen in Canada as a result of the significant number of Punjabis living there. which sees yearly sales growth that is constant.

In such a scenario, if the animosity heightens and trade halts, the Canadian economy would experience a jolt. Jaggery, sugar, bakery, gajak, rewari, flour, biscuits, frozen meals, and juice are among the food goods imported from Punjab to Canada. In addition, the Punjabi community here imports other traditional goods from Punjab, such as pitchers, matkas, dholki, tabla, manje, harmonium, and mude.

The majority of these products are imported into Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities. A survey claims that over the past ten years, Canada’s desire for traditional foods has grown dramatically and is still growing. According to a report by The Economic Times, there were speculations regarding the import of masoor dal. But, tonnes of recently exported masoor dal arrived at Indian ports.

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Trade is important for any country as it is related to the economy. Comment below and share your thoughts about the trade relations between these countries.

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