From Château de Versailles To Eiffel Tower Stadium, 8 Paris 2024 Olympics Competition Venues

Paris Olympics is knocking on the doors!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Château de Versailles To Eiffel Tower Stadium, 8 Paris 2024 Olympics Competition Venues

For the past months, Paris has been enthusiastically and vigorously gearing up for the much-awaited Paris 2024 Olympics. From July 26th to September 8th, Paris is hosting this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. The City of Love is all set for these grand competitions at some of the iconic venues around the city in new and old stadiums and temporary arenas. Check out some of the Paris Olympics venues for 2024.

Here Are 8 Paris 2024 Olympics Competition Venues

1. Château de Versailles

The iconic Château de Versailles which is also known as the Palace of Versailles is a prime competition venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics. It is dripping with the history and heritage of France that eventually became the first site to gather the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. A sturdy temporary outdoor arena is set up at the Etoile Royale esplanade to the west of the Grand Canal. Dressage tests, jumping and pentathlon events will be organised here.

2. Eiffel Tower Stadium

You might have seen the gorgeous Eiffel Tower donning a cute logo of the Olympics for its 2024 edition. Well, folks are in for a treat as the Eiffel Tower Stadium is a temporarily built area near the magical  Eiffel Tower on the River Seine side at Champ de Mars. The vast alleyways and lawns of this magnificent site are thronged by tourists and residents all year round. There will be beach volleyball and blind football games held here.

3. Stade de France

This is France’s largest stadium ever and it is a venue for Paris 2024 Olympics competitions. It is following the legacy of hosting epic game events throughout its journey as it was built for the 1998 Football World Cup. This time it is hosting the athletics, rugby and the grand Olympic closing ceremony!

4. Porte de la Chapelle Arena

This is an 8,000-seater newly built competition venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The design of this arena is said to be distinctly eco-friendly as close to 80% of the surface area will be covered in greenery, and materials consist of recyclable aluminium and bio-based ingredients. The primary games held here are badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, para badminton and para powerlifting.

5. Pont Alexandre III

Located at the heart of Paris and joining the two banks of the Seine is Pont Alexandre III. This becomes a spectacular backdrop for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Temporary stands will be laid out as here is the finish line for the individual cycling time trials, swimming marathon, triathlon and Para triathlon. If you are interested in these sports, secure a spot to witness game conclusions.

6. Paris La Défense Arena

This is a magnificent area spanning over 28,632 sq. metres housing the world’s largest interactive giant screen and top-notch technology for comfortable viewing. Opened in 2017, it has hosted numerous sports events, international concerts and more. For this year, it is focusing on wonderfully bringing the Paris 2024 Olympics with games like swimming and water polo.

7. Grand Palais

The beautiful Grand Palais is acting as a Paris competition venue for 2024. It has gone through a full restoration for this Olympics to showcase games like fencing, wheelchair fencing, taekwondo and para taekwondo! After the brilliant event, this venue will fully reopen in spring 2025 after complete restoration.

8. Chateauroux Shooting Centre

For all the shooting games of the Paris 2024 Olympics, this is the location. For this season, there are almost 15 Olympic shooting games and 13 Paralympic. Opened in 2018, this shooting centre is said to be the largest one in Europe equipped with multiple shooting ranges! It is almost two hours from Paris at Châteauroux and you can easily board a train at Paris Austerlitz and then further avail free shuttles to the actual venue.

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After the Paris 2024 Olympics, the temporary competition game venues will be dismantled and the areas will be open to the public again.

Cover Image Courtesy: Olympics/Website
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