From Coastal Charms To Mountain Retreats, India’s Top 7 Eco-Friendly Hotels If You Love Travelling Sustainably

Discover hospitality that champions conservation on every level.

by Mallika Khurana
From Coastal Charms To Mountain Retreats, India’s Top 7 Eco-Friendly Hotels If You Love Travelling Sustainably

Embark on a journey where luxury intertwines with sustainability and opulence harmonises with environmental responsibility. Welcome to a curated selection of India’s top eco-friendly hotels, where every stay is not just an indulgence but a conscious choice towards a greener, more sustainable future. From the enchanting landscapes of Karnataka to the pristine wilderness of Ranthambore National Park, from the serene shores of Goa to the lush forests of Dehradun, these eco-friendly havens redefine hospitality by prioritising the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Top Eco-Friendly Hotels In India

1. Evolve Back, Karnataka

Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Karnataka, Evolve Back offers luxurious retreats deeply rooted in the region’s culture and natural splendour. While indulging guests in exclusive holiday experiences, the resort is committed to upholding a philosophy of sustainability. Their approach revolves around maintaining a harmonious balance between business success, enriching guest experiences, environmental preservation, and community prosperity. Evolve Back’s commitment to responsible stewardship is evident in its efforts to enhance local communities’ economic, social, and environmental well-being. It also promotes the retention and regeneration of indigenous cultures. 

Where: Multiple locations
When: 1 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹29,661/night

2. SUJÁN Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore


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SUJÁN Sher Bagh stands as a beacon of luxury amidst the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park, offering guests a unique camping experience intertwined with a commitment to wildlife conservation. Beyond providing lavish accommodations and personalised service, the hotel takes pride in its sustainable practices. From sourcing local and organic produce for delectable cuisine to implementing low-lighting systems to minimise emissions, every aspect of SUJÁN Sher Bagh’s operations aligns with environmental responsibility. Moreover, the hotel actively contributes to conservation initiatives.  A portion of guests’ stays are also dedicated to funding key projects aimed at preserving wildlife and supporting local communities.

Where: Sherpur, Khiljipur, Kutalpura Maliyan, Rajasthan
When: 2 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹80,240/night

3. Alila Diwa, Goa


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Situated amidst lush palm groves near the Arabian Sea, Alila Diwa Goa seamlessly blends contemporary luxury with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. As the first hotel in Goa to install an automated water bottling plant, Alila Diwa Goa pioneers sustainable practices by eliminating single-use plastic bottles and reducing carbon emissions. The resort’s dedication to sustainability extends to its dining venues. Here, plastic straws have also been replaced with biodegradable alternatives, and Areca plates are used for outdoor events. Through sustainable design and community engagement initiatives, Alila Diwa Goa sets a high standard for eco-friendly hospitality in Goa.

Where: 48/10, Adao Waddo, Majorda, Goa
When: 3 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹13,175/night

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4. Six Senses Vana, Dehradun


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At Six Senses Vana, guests embark on a holistic wellness journey amidst the serene landscapes of Dehradun. Named after the forest it resides in, the retreat is committed to protecting and nurturing its surroundings while offering rejuvenating experiences. From organic bed and bath linens to a bottling plant that saves thousands of plastic bottles annually, Six Senses Vana integrates sustainability into every aspect of its operations. Furthermore, the retreat’s focus on local, seasonal, and organic cuisine supports the surrounding communities and promotes environmental conservation. Through a blend of traditional healing therapies and modern amenities, Six Senses Vana embodies a sanctuary where guests can reconnect with themselves and nature.

Where: Mussoorie Rd, Malsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
When: 2 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹96,435/night

5. The Malabar House, Kerala

malabar house
Photo Credits: The Malabar House/ Website

With its rich historical heritage and commitment to sustainability, The Malabar House offers a boutique retreat in the heart of Fort Kochi. From Ayurvedic treatments to locally sourced cuisine, every aspect of the hotel’s offerings reflects its dedication to holistic wellness and environmental responsibility. Through partnerships with local schools and artisans, The Malabar House actively contributes to community development while preserving cultural traditions. Whether exploring Kerala’s backwaters on an eco-friendly houseboat or indulging in Ayurvedic therapies, guests at The Malabar House are invited to immerse themselves in a journey of rejuvenation and cultural discovery.

Where: 1/268, 269, Parade Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala
When: 2 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹14,475/night

6. Rann Riders by Kaafila, Gujarat

In the vast expanse of the Rann of Kuchh, Rann Riders offer a unique blend of adventure and sustainability. This eco-friendly hotel has sustainable cottages and initiatives to reduce waste and support local artisans, the resort strives to minimise its environmental impact while empowering the surrounding communities. From showcasing traditional crafts to promoting waste management systems, Rann Riders demonstrates a commitment to responsible tourism that benefits both guests and locals alike. Through its efforts, Rann Riders creates a sustainable oasis amidst the rugged beauty of the salt desert. It also invites travellers to experience the richness of Gujarat’s wildlife and culture.

Where: near Rann Riders Shooting Range, Dasada, Gujarat
When: 1 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹13,570/night

7. ITC Maurya, New Delhi


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As a symbol of luxury and hospitality in New Delhi, ITC Maurya goes beyond offering opulent accommodations to prioritise environmental sustainability. Recognised as the world’s first LEED Platinum hotel for Existing Buildings, ITC Maurya incorporates intelligent policies and practices to minimise its ecological footprint. From harnessing renewable energy to recycling water and waste, every aspect of the hotel’s operations is designed with environmental stewardship in mind. They source locally and deploy advanced air purification systems. ITC Maurya certainly ensures a luxury experience that prioritises both guest comfort and environmental responsibility.

Where: ITC MAURYA, Sardar Patel Marg, Akhaura Block, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
When: 3 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹14,368/night

In these eco-friendly hotels, sustainability isn’t just a commitment—it’s a luxurious way of life.

Cover Image Courtesy: Six Senses Vana/Website and The Sujan Life/Instagram