From Coral Ride To Vijaya Vittala Temple, G20 Delegates Enjoy Hampi’s Glorious Cultural History!

by Shreya Rathod
From Coral Ride To Vijaya Vittala Temple, G20 Delegates Enjoy Hampi’s Glorious Cultural History!

In Hampi, Karnataka, the third G20 Culture Working Group (CWG) meeting began on Monday. The G20 meeting will end on July 12 with India holding the G20 presidency. Through an inclusive process of in-depth talks, the Culture Working Group collaborates with representatives of the G20 member countries, guest countries, and international organisations. Additionally, during this meeting, the G20 delegates experienced the beauty of Hampi and its cultural heritage!

G20 Delegates Experienced The Beauty of Hampi!

G20 participants experienced a coracle ride across the glittering Tungabhadra River on Monday. It was followed by a visit to the beautiful Vijaya Vittala Temple. The dignitaries claimed that during the coracle trip, a kaleidoscope of colours opened before their eyes, engulfing them in a world of vibrant hues and cultural wonders.

People have been transported across the Tungabhadra River in these parts for generations using coracles, which are customary round basket boats. The contemporary version makes them more durable and waterproof by using bitumen and plastic sheets. A coracle can typically accommodate eight people, with the addition of bicycles and cycles on occasion.

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Vijayanagara Empire’s Vijaya Vittala Temple Is Mesmerising

The G20 visitors were met by an impressive show of craftsmanship as soon as they arrived at the temple complex. It served as a reminder of the Vijayanagara Empire’s artistic skill. The famous stone chariot, the temple’s focal point, stood towering and majestically, decorated with magnificent sculptures.

Moreover, the elaborate wheels on it displayed the expertise and accuracy of the sculptors. As they had created this work of art. The realistic carvings that seemed to burst out of the stone and take the delegates to another time captured their attention.

The intricate sculptures on the temple walls portrayed images from ordinary life as well as historical and mythological events. Every crevice appeared to have been painstakingly carved, highlighting the region’s rich cultural past.

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According to the delegates, the trip to the temple and the trip to the coracle symbolised the virtues of art, history, and craftsmanship that are universal and promote international harmony.

Cover Image Courtesy: G20 India/ Twitter