From DIFC To Port Rashid, Emirates Earns Certified Autism Center Designation For Dubai Check-In Facilities

Nurturing a neurodiverse-friendly travel experience across Dubai!

by Deeplata Garde
From DIFC To Port Rashid, Emirates Earns Certified Autism Center Designation For Dubai Check-In Facilities

In a significant stride towards inclusive travel, Emirates celebrates achieving the Certified Autism Center Designation for all its Dubai Check-In facilities, just in time for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

Certification Details Of Emirates

Emirates City Check-in & Travel Store in DIFC, Emirates Cruise Check-In at Port Rashid and Dubai Harbour, and Emirates City Check-In Ajman, along with the dedicated hub in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport (DXB), have received this prestigious designation. This recognition, bestowed by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), signifies a commitment to making travel more accessible and comfortable for neurodiverse customers.

Employee Training and Facility Audits At Emirates Autism Centre

Emirates staff members underwent specialized training on autism and sensory awareness to better cater to the needs of autistic travellers and those with sensory sensitivities. Comprehensive facilities audits were conducted across all locations, evaluating sensory inputs such as sound levels, lighting, and potential sights and smells. These assessments led to the development of sensory guides, empowering travellers to choose environments that suit their needs and preferences.

Aligning Emirates Goals With Dubai’s Vision

This achievement aligns with Dubai’s goal of becoming the first Certified Autism Destination (CAD) in the Middle East, echoing the Department of Economy and Tourism’s (DET) commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Enhanced Pre-Airport Experience At DXB Airport

Emirates’ City Check-Ins across Dubai offer a seamless pre-airport experience. Travellers can check in for flights up to 24 hours in advance, drop off luggage between four and 24 hours before departure, and choose from various check-in options, including agent-assisted, robot-assisted, or self-service kiosks. These facilities aim to provide a stress-free start to the travel journey.

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Empowering Neurodiverse Travellers Across The Globe

By achieving the Certified Autism Center Designation, Emirates aims to empower neurodiverse travellers and their families to navigate the travel experience with confidence and ease. This initiative underscores the airline’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and accessible world of travel.

In conclusion, Emirates’ dedication to inclusive travel is exemplified by its recent achievement of the Certified Autism Center Designation for its Dubai Check-In facilities. Through specialized training, facility audits, and sensory guides, the airline is creating a more accessible and supportive travel environment for neurodiverse customers. With this certification, Emirates reinforces its commitment to inclusivity and enhances the overall travel experience for all passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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