From Fries to McFlurry, Mark Zuckerberg’s 4,000-Calorie Diet Is Massive; He Calls It Delicious

by Shreya Ghosh
From Fries to McFlurry, Mark Zuckerberg’s 4,000-Calorie Diet Is Massive; He Calls It Delicious

What do you generally like to order when you visit a McDonad’s outlet? A burger, some french fries, McNuggets, a Coke, or maybe an assortment of 2-3 food items, right? Well, we usually order small portions for one but many of us have often dreamt of ordering loads of different options at this renowned fast food chain. Well, Mark Zuckerberg’s McDonald’s order is actually massive and includes some of our favourites.

Mark Zuckerberg Has A Special Order From McDonald’s & We Are Craving Some Seeing It!

Mark Zuckerberg
Picture Credit- McDonald’s Threads, Mark Zuckerberg Threads

McDonald’s posted “y’all want anything from McDonald’s?” on Threads a while back. And seeing this, the Meta CEO responded with a list of yummy indulgences. From nuggets to apple pie, we are kind of drooling after seeing his delectable choices. Are you wondering about what he would like to order from this fast food chain? 20 nuggets, a quarter pounder,  apple pie, large fries, Oreo McFlurry, and maybe a few side cheeseburgers to gorge on later are included in his order for the day. Now that’s a lavish plethora of McDonald’s items.

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Are you surprised to see his extravagant order? Are you worried about the calorie intake from all these food items? Well, it seems like you are not the only one who is thinking like this.

Netizens Reacted To His Reply. Even Mike Davis Joined Threads Users To Reply On This McDonald’s Order

Mark Zuckerberg
Picture Credit- Mark Zuckerberg Threads, Mike Davis Threads

MMA Fighter Mike Davis swiftly responded to this order by Mark Zuckerberg on Threads. He commented, “You are in camp! No McDonald’s”. To Davis’s response, Mark replied back how he needs a diet of 4,000 calories every day. He maintains this diet as he is not cutting weight. In fact, he added that his delish diet with lots of McDonald’s indulgences is “so delicious…”

A diet of 4,000 calories every day must look appetising with a lot of good food that not only satiates hunger and cravings but also soothes the soul.

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If you get the chance to enjoy a 4,000-calorie diet every day, what would you like to include in your meals throughout the day? Also, if you love going to McDonald’s what is your regular order?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Canva