From Full Refund To Meals, Note Govt Issued Guidelines For Airlines For Flight Cancellations, Delays

The Civil Aviation Ministry recently issued guidelines for airlines in cases of flight cancellations and delays.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Full Refund To Meals, Note Govt Issued Guidelines For Airlines For Flight Cancellations, Delays

Travelling by flight has seen a significant surge among travellers this holiday season. With everyone wishing to travel comfortably, the passenger footfall is only seeing a rise recently. Along with an uptick in air travel, the number of complaints and inconveniences faced by flyers saw a rise too. Civil Aviation Ministry issued guidelines for airlines to follow in case of flight cancellations and delays.

Civil Aviation Ministry Advised Airlines & Operators To Do Justice To Passengers For Flight Cancellations And Delays

Flight Cancellations
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The issue of scheduled flights getting cancelled or delayed has become a major issue recently. A major reason behind this uncontrollable flight disruption is the sheets of blanket fog surrounding many places this winter season. Not just fog and smog, many airports are also reporting problems with the operational procedures.

Given the rise in passenger complaints over flight cancellations and delays, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation issued guidelines for the airlines. Aviation has guided the airlines to do justice to passengers over issues such as cancelled and delayed flights. The recently issued guidelines focus on assisting passengers in case of unexpected flight schedule disturbances and providing them with proper services.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Minister of Civil Aviation of India, conducted a meeting with senior officials, airlines, and operators. They discussed the Civil Aviation requirements. The Minister asked them to follow the guidelines for flight cancellations, delays, and refunds strictly.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About Civil Aviation Ministry’s Guidelines

Flight Cancellations
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  • Airlines need to either provide an alternate flight option or compensation along with a full refund of the ticket for flight cancellations. In addition to these, the passengers who have reached to board their scheduled flight but waiting to board the alternate plane will get meals and refreshments from the airlines.
  • The airlines need to provide options between a full refund, an alternate flight, meals and refreshments, or hotel accommodation during delays.
  • An important point to note here is that airlines will only provide all these facilities to the affected passengers when the flight schedule changes are in their control. For incidents that are not under the airline’s control, airlines will not provide any of these assistances, according to a report by Hindustan Times.

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These are all the latest updates of the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Ministry.

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