From Gelato To Aperol Spritz, 8 Must-Try Food Items When In Italy

Bon Appetito!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Gelato To Aperol Spritz, 8 Must-Try Food Items When In Italy

Ready to Eat, Pray, Love through the marvellous lanes of Italy this summer? This European country has immaculate beaches, wonderful historical sites, amazing architecture, rich culture and a plethora of delectable food options. You can never get enough of it in Italy! It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged restaurant, it could be a street vendor as well. Today, we are listing down some of the most iconic food items to try in Italy that are NOT pizza and pasta.

8 Must-Try Food Items In Italy

1. Gelato

Starting with the iconic gelato as a trip to Italy isn’t complete without an artisanal gelato! Gelato is popular for its melt-in-mouth velvety texture and special flavours as it is slow-churned with less cream and more milk. This means it is low in fat content with higher density and you may have guilt-free gelatos all day every day when in Italy! It is always better to go for fruit-flavoured ones and don’t purchase low-quality ones.

2. Aperol Spritz

For all the spirits enthusiasts, Italy is like heaven as almost every nook and corner serves Aperol Spritz, it is a must-try! This alcohol is often called an Italian sunset in a glass. If you have caught enough lovely Italian sunsets, you would know by now as it stands by it. It became a favoured cocktail in this country as soon as it was invented here as an aperitif. The purpose of it was to combat the extremely hot and humid summers of Italy.

3. Maritozzo

The next food item that you cannot miss when in Italy is Maritozzo. Folks with extreme sweet tooth, this is right up your alley. It is a soft brioche bun stuffed with smooth whipped cream and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Big bites of this food item with cream flowing here and there is just pure heaven; mind you, there is no dainty way to consume this. It is also one of Rome’s iconic pastries!

4. Tiramisu

This is a no-bake Italian dessert loved by many around the world. Why this parfait is favoured food item in Italy? It combines the Italian’s tremendous love for coffee and mascarpone cream. Enjoy this iconic food item of Italy and remember a good tiramisu contains high-quality coffee and mascarpone cream along with traditional lady fingers biscuits.

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5. Cannoli

This must-try delish food item originated in Italy and is also known as cannoli siciliani. It is a Sicilian fried pastry with creamy fillings. The dough of the pastry is shaped like a tube which is then filled with loads of sweet ricotta cheese. For different variations, dried or candied fruits are added to the creamy mixture or heavily sprinkled.

6. Suppli

We know you will be snacking throughout your trip to Italy so you might as well enjoy some suppli. It is a deep-fried snack consisting of a ball of rice (risotto) mixed with tomato sauce and a large piece of mozzarella for that epic cheese pull. It is their version of minced chicken cheese balls. We suggest you buy freshly fried suppli to enjoy it better and capture a great cheese pull.

7. Burrata

We all know that burrata can be had on its own and Italy is filled with good and tasty burrata. From having burrata in pizza to pasta to salads, it is simply divine to indulge in an entire burrata. Slice it open, spread it out, sprinkle some spices and dig in! You can also drizzle it with chilli oil, garlic-infused oil and pesto oil, it makes a huge difference.

8. Sfogliatelle

Lastly, you cannot miss authentic sfogliatelle here. This layered and flakey pastry has a sweet creamy filling. The filling can be orange-flavoured ricotta, almond paste, candied fruits especially rinds of citrus fruits and more. The process of preparing this is extremely labour intensive and the result is just *chef’s kiss*. It is baked until each layer of this pastry separates!

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We are just salivating at the thought of these delicious food items in Italy. Soon, Italy, soon!

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