From Infinity Pool On 76th Floor To An Observation Deck On The 81st, Here’s All About Hotel Ciel!

by Anupriya Mishra
From Infinity Pool On 76th Floor To An Observation Deck On The 81st, Here’s All About Hotel Ciel!

Imagine this — you wake up in an opulent hotel room with all the luxurious furnishings and the wide windows bringing in all the natural light. So, when you walk up to it, you see a beautiful view of the panoramic area, with the tall skyscrapers dwarfing the hotel’s view. Sounds mystical, doesn’t it? Well, this will soon become a reality as the world’s tallest hotel, Ciel, is all set for its opening in 2024.

What Can You Expect At Hotel Ciel In Dubai?

Hotel Ciel Construction
Pic credits: Internal

Ciel is the flagship hotel of the First Group, and its construction is right on track. All set for its Q1 2024 completion of the structure, this 82-storeyed building is set to become the world’s tallest hotel! Not only will it set amazing benchmarks in the UAE, but this to date is also the group’s most complex and largest deployment! Once the hotel opens for the public, visitors will be able to enjoy a bunch of exciting features, such as –

  • An observation deck on the 81st floor with panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Gulf.
  • A rooftop infinity pool and bar on the 76th floor.
  • The hotel will also feature a 300-metre-tall interior atrium that boasts vertically stacked landscaped and naturally ventilated terraces! This will be an excellent way for occupants to share communal and interactive space.

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But, What Is The Status Of The Construction?

Ciel Exterior
Pic credits: Internal

Talking about the status of the construction, about 99% of the superstructure is now complete. Moreover, the installation of building facade brackets stands complete till the 72nd floor. While the curtain wall installation is still underway, it is complete, up to the 70th floor. Currently, the installation of the convey system is 53% complete and the fixing of steel trusses in the atrium is done. Not to mention, the tiling is about 66% completed and wall partitions installation and plastering have reached 97% completion.

Cover Image Courtesy: Internal