From Kashmiri Noon Chai To Gujarati Kadak Chai, Experience The Cultural Richness Of Indian Teas

Gain a deeper appreciation for Indian tea's rich tapestry.

by Nikitha Sebastian
From Kashmiri Noon Chai To Gujarati Kadak Chai, Experience The Cultural Richness Of Indian Teas

For Indians, tea is more than just a drink; it’s woven into the very fabric of their lives. As travellers increasingly seek unique culinary experiences, International Tea Day on 21 May 2024 offers the perfect opportunity to explore the diverse tea cultures of India. has curated a special list showcasing destinations where you can sip unique brews, immerse yourself in local traditions, and gain a deeper appreciation for Indian tea’s rich tapestry.

Teas Of Kashmir, Kerala And Sikkim


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Explore the beauty of Kashmir, where you can enjoy the vibrant Kashmiri Noon Chai, a blend of green tea leaves, milk, baking soda, spices, and nuts. This unique tea has a sweet and salty taste, reminiscent of Kashmiri hospitality. In Kerala, you can enjoy the refreshing Sulaimani Chai, a lemon tea made from black tea, lemon juice, sugar, and ginger. This light and flavourful beverage is perfect for Kerala’s warm climate.

In Sikkim, you can experience the unique Gur Gur Chai, a traditional butter tea made with yak butter, salt, and black tea. The name “Gur Gur” refers to the sound the tea makes when churned with butter in a special container. Sikkim offers stunning mountain views, historic monasteries, and the chance to sample this unique tea.

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Unique Blends From Ladakh, Odisha And Gujarat


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In Ladakh, butter tea (Po Cha) is a lifeline for locals, providing warmth and energy in the harsh climate. Churned yak butter is added to black tea, creating a thick and creamy concoction. In Odisha, Ghotala Chai is a soothing herbal infusion made with locally sourced ingredients like roasted barley, black pepper, ginger, and jaggery.

The name “Ghotala” refers to the clay pot used for brewing, infusing the tea with earthy notes. Visit the local market to source ingredients and learn about its medicinal properties. In Gujarat, Kadak Chai is a bold and milky tea, often prepared with strong Assam leaves and spices like cardamom and ginger. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Gujarati culture or explore Dwarka, a sacred pilgrimage town, while enjoying a steaming cup of Kadak Chai with local sweets.

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So, this International Tea Day, embark on a flavourful journey through India. Explore unique tea cultures, discover hidden gems, and experience the rich tapestry of Indian tea traditions.

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