From Legal Consultations To Court Services, Dubai Unveils New Services For Senior Citizens & People Of Determination

Dubai Courts launches enhanced services for Senior Citizens and People of Determination.

by Deeplata Garde
From Legal Consultations To Court Services, Dubai Unveils New Services For Senior Citizens & People Of Determination

Dubai Courts has introduced a comprehensive suite of services tailored for senior citizens and people of determination, aiming to enhance accessibility and efficiency in judicial procedures.

Prioritising Accessibility And Equality For Residents Of Dubai

In alignment with Dubai Social Agenda 33, Dubai Courts unveiled an innovative initiative to simplify legal processes for senior citizens and people of determination. This initiative underscores Dubai Courts’ commitment to sustainable development and societal equity by promoting social integration.

The newly launched service package signifies a significant advancement in judicial services, focusing on improving user experience and operational efficiency. Dr. Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Director-General of Dubai Courts, highlighted the importance of transparency and accessibility in delivering these services.

Innovations In Service Delivery

The initiative includes a range of tailored services designed to meet the specific needs of senior citizens and people of determination:

  1. Shore: Dubai’s accredited law firms to provide Voluntary legal consultation services.
  2. Sanad: Voluntary legal representation in cases, facilitated through partnerships with accredited law firms in Dubai.
  3. Postponement and Fee Exemption: Assistance for litigants unable to pay legal fees, either through fee postponement or exemption.
  4. Aoun: Assistance for litigants facing financial hardship who are unable to cover the costs of professional services in legal cases, in collaboration with accredited service providers.
  5. Courts of Goodness: Assistance provided to financially insolvent individuals who have received judicial rulings from Dubai Courts to help settle their debts.
  6. Al Adheed Services: Provision of Al Adheed Centers’ services free of charge to the targeted groups.
  7. Qareeb: Transfer service to Dubai Courts services.

These services are complemented by additional conveniences including priority service in service centres, dedicated parking, and rooms allocated for video calling, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all users.

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Accessing The Services

Senior citizens and people of determination can avail of these services through Dubai Courts’ Call Centre, service centres across Dubai, and its official website. Dubai Courts’ initiative marks a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and social justice within the judicial system. By embracing innovation and prioritising community welfare, Dubai Courts continues to set benchmarks in judicial service excellence.

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