From Man Spending ₹42.3L On Food To 2.5 Biryanis Per Second, Here’s How Indians Swiggy’d In 2023

Let's take a look at how Indians ordered biryanis, pizzas, cakes, and more in massive numbers on Swiggy.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Man Spending ₹42.3L On Food To 2.5 Biryanis Per Second, Here’s How Indians Swiggy’d In 2023

Do you remember the last time you visited a restaurant or cafe to collect your parcel? You cannot remember, right? Thanks to delivery apps like Swiggy that have made our lives simpler with the convenience of delivering food orders to our doorstep. Now that we are nearing the end of 2023, Swiggy has shared its yearly data and a recap showing the most noteworthy orders and the in-demand dishes. From pizza to biryanis, all our favourite delicacies are on this wrapped list of the company.

Here’s How Indian Customers Swiggy’d This Year

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To take a look at what are the dishes that you ordered the most and insights about them, you need to open the app for your personalised results. And to know about the entire nation, here we have all the details for you. Swiggy’s menu includes a total of 6,64,46,312 unique dishes considering all around India. Before spilling the beans about the main food orders, hilariously, 5,028 people searched for Swiggy on the app. Well, 1,682 searched for orders on the platform.

Starting with Mumbaikars, a Swiggy user ordered food worth ₹42.3 lakh this year. Users from Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad were seen ordering for the most numbers in 2023. Folks from these cities placed the maximum number of orders with over 10,000 orders by individual users.

If you think the massive orders have been recorded in the bustling Tier-1 cities only, then you are wrong. There are foodies living all around India and Swiggy’s yearly recap surely represents it perfectly. A user from Jhansi ordered 269 items at once. Another grand order came from Bhubaneswar where the user ordered 207 pizzas in a day. We would love to join the pizza lovers and enjoy the party for sure!

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Here Are Some Special Dates That Noticed Massive Orders

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  • Foodies kickstarted 2023 with a bang. January 1 saw users ordering 4.3 lakh biryanis and 83.5 thousand noodles in India.
  • Indians placed an order for 271 cakes in a minute on Valentine’s Day.
  • We celebrated Mother’s Day on May 14 and to make this day the most special, users ordered the most number of chocolate cakes in a day.
  • August was probably the month to listen to your heart and not get scared of calorie counts. Desi foodies ordered the most number of butter naans on August 20 and gulab jamun on August 30.
  • Watching a cricket match is no less than a celebration for Indian cricket fans. And when it is against Pakistan, do we really need to talk about the hype and craze? Well, the day of the India vs Pakistan World Cup match did not only see Indians registering a remarkable win on the field but the people off-field also did something noteworthy. A Chandigarh family ordered 70 plates of biryani at once. Taking overall orders into consideration, Swiggy users ordered more than 250 orders for biryani in a minute while the match was ongoing.
  • The World Cup final day also saw Indians ordering in massive numbers on November 19. Swiggy saw folks ordering 1,888 pizzas in a minute.

Swiggy Recap Clearly Shows Our Love For Food

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  • Foodies gorged on loads of gulab jamun during Durga Puja. Swiggy reported more than 7,7 million orders of this sweet during the festival.
  • During the 9 days of eating vegetarian food on Navaratri, users took masala dosa as the top favourite.
  • Idli is surely a favourite of a Hyderabad foodie as the user ordered idlis worth ₹6 lakhs.
  • In comparison to Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine noticed double orders.
  • Bengaluru ordered 8.5 million chocolate cakes this year.
  • A cake lover from Nagpur ordered 92 cakes in a day.
  • Father’s Day saw the most orders on Swiggy Gourmet.
  • 2023 recorded orders of more than 2.1 million sugar-free desserts.
  • Swiggy witnessed a 124 per cent rise in millet-based dishes orders on Swiggy Guiltfree.
  • Swiggy Guiltfree also saw a surge in vegan orders by 146 per cent.
  • Indians love biryanis and this year saw foodies ordering 2.5 biryanis per second. Considering the overall orders, there was 1 veg biryani for 5.5 chicken biryanis.
  • 2.49 million users began using Swiggy by ordering biryanis.
  • Folks in Hyderabad ordered every 6th plate of biryani.
  • A Swiggy user from Hyderabad ordered 1,633 biryanis in 2023.

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Let’s Take A Look At Swiggy Instamart

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  • A Jaipur user ordered 67 items on Swiggy Instamart in a day.
  • A Chennai user ordered coffee, juice, cookies, nachos, and chips worth ₹31,748 in a single order.
  • The fastest delivery by Swiggy Instamart was for a packet of instant noodles in just a minute and 5 seconds.
  • Benaglurueans ordered more mangoes than Hyderabad and Mumbai combined.
  • The most searched items were milk, curd, and onions respectively.
  • About 1 million orders have been delivered using the bag opt-out feature.

Swiggy’s delivery partner travelled on cycles and electric vehicles and covered a total of 166.42 million km. Chennai’s Venkatasen and Kochi’s Santhini delivered 10,360 and 6,253 orders respectively, according to a report by Swiggy. Gurgaon’s Ramjeet Singh and Ludhiana’s Pardeep Kaur were also praised for their exceptional deliveries and services. A delivery agent covered 45.5 km to deliver an order of fast food.

A Swiggy One user saved a whopping ₹6.98 lakhs using discounts, free deliveries, and more. A Hyderabad user saved ₹5.58 lakh using Swiggy Dineout. An Ahmedabad customer went to eat out 300 times in 2023. The user explored 20 restaurants. A Delhiite made a record for the highest bill worth ₹3,00,149 in a go.

How did your Swiggy orders look in 2023?

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