Man Orders Chicken Garlic Fried Rice From Swiggy; Finds A Dead Cockroach While Eating The Dish

A man ordered chicken garlic fried rice from Swiggy yesterday and saw a cockroach inside.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Orders Chicken Garlic Fried Rice From Swiggy; Finds A Dead Cockroach While Eating The Dish

The advancement and popularity of ordering different things online has made our life simpler. There is no more need to get ready, go outside, and stand in front of a restaurant before collecting your food order. With the help of food delivery apps such as Swiggy, we can order food from the comfort of our houses and get orders delivered to our doorstep. In a recent incident of ordering from Swiggy, a customer spotted a cockroach in his food. Ewww!

Customer Found A Cockroach In Chicken Garlic Fried Rice Ordered From Swiggy

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, SNEHIT SHARMA (@sharma_snehit19) shared a picture of the insect inside his order and shared the entire incident in the caption of the post as well.

Sharing the picture, Snehit wrote, “Some of you may find the photo disturbing”. He used the Swiggy app to place an order for chicken garlic fried rice on December 8, 2023. After receiving the parcel, he began eating it as usual without imagining the worst that he was about to experience. All of a sudden, he spotted a cockroach inside the packed chicken garlic fried rice. Unfortunately, Snehit was already halfway eating the rice dish when he saw the dead insect trapped inside hot chicken garlic fried rice.

Sharing the post online, the man has tagged the X (formerly Twitter) accounts of Swiggy, Swiggy Instamart, and Swiggy Cares and shared all his concerns and this terrifying incident.

We are feeling bizarre and uncomfortable just by looking at the picture. We cannot even imagine how horrible and shocked the customer must have felt after he saw a cockroach inside his order of chicken garlic fried rice, that too hallway after eating it. Even reading about this dreadful experience faced by Snehit is making us feel awful. Online ordering from any local restaurant feels a bit doubtful now.

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The Man Does Not Feel Very Well

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Snehit also shared his present health update in a post.

He wrote how he is “not feeling very well right now”. Any person would inevitably feel sick after eating something in which an unhygienic insect was trapped for some time. The chances of feeling unwell increase, especially after seeing a cockroach in the bowl of the dish with our own eyes. We start feeling worse and vomiting in such cases.

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Swiggy Cares (@SwiggyCares) has responded to the complaint posted by Snehit.

“It was never our intention to cause this. To help you, kindly provide us with details of your order”, replied Swiggy Cares.

Ordering from online platforms is surely a good idea, especially on those days when we are too busy to cook food for ourselves or simply feel lazy to be in the kitchen. We get loads of options to choose from a list of restaurants and eateries near us. The most horrifying and unfortunate experience in such an easy process is spotting such insects trapped inside our packed deliveries.

Have you ever faced something like this while ordering online?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ SNEHIT SHARMA (@sharma_snehit19)

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