Man Orders 6 Items From Swiggy But Receives Only 2; Rants Online & Says Will Never Use

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Orders 6 Items From Swiggy But Receives Only 2; Rants Online & Says Will Never Use

Online shopping is such an integral part of our lives right now. In between hundreds of things to do every day, most of us prefer placing orders on different online platforms and getting them delivered to our doorsteps. When it comes to food delivery, one of the first company names that pops into our mind is Swiggy. This delivery brand has been one of our go-to platforms for placing orders. People rely on such brands for their amazing services. However, a customer recently had a terrible experience and he shared all about it on social media.

User Shared His Experience Of Ordering From Swiggy

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, dineshkumar (@dineshk1841314) shared the incident of placing multiple orders and not receiving all of them.

Dinesh Kumar placed a big order for lots of items. It had 1 Nestle KitKat Chocolate, 1 Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar, 1 Haldiram Nagpur Soya Sticks, 1 Cheetos Masala Balls Snacks, 1 Snickers Miniatures Chocolate, and 3 Bingo Original Style Chilli Sprinkled Potato Chips. However, he received only the packets of Bingo chips and the Haldiram soya sticks.

Dinesh also shared screenshots of his conversation with Swiggy Instamart Support over e-mail. One of the screenshots shows how Swiggy Instamart is unable to compensate for this order since they were unable to validate the claim. Another screenshot shows a staff saying that he is going to highlight the issue to the vendor management team and take steps to not repeat such incidents. It also mentions that the company is unable to initiate a replacement or a refund for the order.

Dinesh Kumar also shared about how Swiggy did not agree with him asking for a replacement or refund. Here’s what he shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Upon asking about a replacement or refund, Swiggy responded with how something like this “will not happen in the future”. Dinesh pointed out how it was the company’s fault.

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Only, the total cost of all the items ordered was ₹235. Including handling fee, delivery partner fee, and discount, the grand total was ₹228.

The Company Apologised To Dinesh Kumar

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Swiggy Cares (@SwiggyCares) responded to the user’s query and complaints.

Swiggy Cares apologised to the user and asked for some time to review the matter. “Sorry to have you disappointed, Dinesh. Please allow us some time to review this”, tweeted Swiggy Cares.

There have been many similar instances when customers did not receive all the products that they placed an order for. Not just food items on Swiggy Instamart, they have faced the same experiences after ordering dishes from restaurants as well. There are tons of companies and delivery services that provide similar experiences like Swiggy. From the biggest names to the new ones entering the market, users often complain about most of them and share their experiences of shopping online from these platforms.

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Have you ever faced any such inconveniences while placing an order on any online platform? If yes, make sure you share your experiences with us.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X (formerly Twitter)/ dineshkumar (@dineshk1841314) 

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