Bangalore: Man Runs Out Of Fuel, Swiggy Delivery Agent Says, “Bhaiya I Will Take You”; Wins Hearts

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore: Man Runs Out Of Fuel, Swiggy Delivery Agent Says, “Bhaiya I Will Take You”; Wins Hearts

Every so often we come across stories of kindness on the Internet, of strangers who go out of their way to help a person in need. And these are the stories that melt hearts and reinstall one’s belief in genuine acts of kindness. Recently, a Bangalore man took to X (formerly Twitter) to share an incident of kindness where a Swiggy delivery man went out of his way to help him when his bike ran out of fuel.

Swiggy Delivery Agent Helps Man Who Ran Out Of  Fuel In Bangalore

Shravan Tickoo, the founder of The Product Tree shared a heartwarming incident on X. When travelling from Koramangala to his home in Sarjapur Road, his bike ran out of fuel. The Bangalorean was stranded in the middle of the road. As the nearest petrol pump was 2.5 km away, Shravan started dragging his bike. 

He was running out of breath and sweating profusely when he came across a Swiggy delivery agent. The Swiggy delivery man asked him “Bhaiya kya hua hai?” On explaining the entire situation, the kind man offered to help Shravan reach the petrol station. So, he towed the man’s bike using his Splendor.

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Unfortunately, after reaching the nearest petrol bunk, the duo realised it was closed. At that time, Shravan offered him ₹500 for his help. But the Swiggy delivery agent refused the tip and offered to tow his bike to the next petrol station, located 3 km away from his delivery stop. Despite having deliveries, the stranger went out of his way to help a person in need.

After finally refuelling his tank, Shravan Tickoo offered him a tip again. For this, the Swiggy delivery agent said that today, Shravan was in this position. Tomorrow, it could be himself too. And someone might help him. These words touched the heart of the Bengalureans and made him realise that kindness resides in the hearts of people in Silicon Valley. 

Shravan took a selfie with the man to express his gratitude and narrate this heartwarming incident on X. Also, he promised to tip Swiggy agents every time he orders food on the platform. In the midst of the commotion, he couldn’t remember the name of the kind stranger but requested Swiggy to identify the person for him. So, Shravan can express his gratitude. 

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Netizens Are Touched By This Act Of Kindness

The Bengalurean also revealed that Swiggy won his heart and as a platform too after this incident. Netizens were touched by the Swiggy delivery agent’s act of kindness. Many took to the comments section to appreciate the man for going out of his way to help another person in need.

Meanwhile, do let us know about incidents when you witnessed acts of kindness from strangers.

Cover Image Courtesy: @shravantickoo23/ X and Canva 

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