From Mohabbat Ka Sharbat To Gol Gappa, Rahul Gandhi Enjoys These Street Food Items In Delhi!

by Shreya Ghosh
From Mohabbat Ka Sharbat To Gol Gappa, Rahul Gandhi Enjoys These Street Food Items In Delhi!

A huge crowd was spotted in the iconic Bengali market and Chandni Chowk area of Delhi amid the bustle and noise yesterday. The crowd surrounded Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as he was enjoying some of the most famous delicacies found in these places. Photos and videos of him spending an amazing time here are going viral on various social media platforms. Let’s take a look at the food items that he relished in these popular places.

Rahul Gandhi Was Seen At The Matia Mahal Market

The official Twitter account of Congress (@INCIndia) shared some glimpses of Rahul Gandhi enjoying a wonderful evening in Delhi.

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After returning to the city on Monday from campaigning in Karnataka, he was seen in the famous street food special streets of Delhi. Some of the most famous street food joints in the city were a part of his food walk. He explored the Matia Mahal market in Old Delhi and enjoyed the famous Mohabbat Ka Sharbat. In one of the photos shared on Twitter, we can see him holding a slice of watermelon and standing in front of a tub filled with Mohabbat Ka Sharbat.

In another photo shared by Congress (@INCIndia), we can see that a huge crowd is surrounding to see Rahul Gandhi. He also waved back at them during his visit here.

During his food walk to the bustling Chandni Chowk, he even tried some kebabs from Al Jawahar Restaurant. This area in Old Delhi is always explored by hundreds of people and this time, it is more packed because of the ongoing Ramzan festivities. Thousands of people gathered there to see him. The Congress leader explored these iconic parts of the city in this crowd and interacted with some people as well.

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He Also Visited The Bengali Market

Not just sharbat and kebabs, Rahul Gandhi also relished some more of Delhi’s famous street food items. The Congress leader enjoyed golgappas at Bengali Market near Connaught Place. Food journalist Kunal Vijaykar accompanied him on this food walk in Delhi.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Congress @INCIndia, Twitter/ Supriya Shrinate @SupriyaShrinate