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by Ananya Singh

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was tirelessly working on his campaign Bharat Jodo Yatra when he invited Curly Tales to have Sunday dinner with him. With new faces on a new road, Gandhi and his political movement have been the town’s talk. In conversation with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, the congress leader talked about his personal life and showed different hues of his personality. Did you know Rahul Gandhi has also worked in a job? Read more to learn more about what it was and how much it paid!

Rahul Gandhi And First Paycheck

He did not spend much time in the public eye in his early years. His family, especially his mother, Sonia Gandhi, watched over him when he was growing up. However, he was committed to completing his schooling. In a conversation with us on a Sunday Brunch episode, Rahul Gandhi tells us how he began his career with the Monitor Group, a strategy consulting firm in London, after earning his graduate degree. When Kamiya asks him if he remembers his first paycheck, he says, “At the time, it was a lot. It felt strange.” 

Furthermore, when asked what he did with that money, Rahul Gandhi replied, “I was living there, so it probably went into rent and stuff like that. It was a big amount. It was two thousand pounds to three thousand pounds. The Congress leader was 24 years old and did a proper corporate job like a regular graduate.

Educational Background Of The Politician

Rahul Gandhi

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In the years between 1981 and 1983, Rahul Gandhi attended St. Columba’s School in Delhi before transferring to The Doon School in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi were in home-schooling after Indira Gandhi’s assassination for security purposes. He enrolled in St. Stephen’s College in Delhi to pursue his graduate degree, and after a year there, he went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He shares with Curly Tales that after his father,  Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated in 1991 during an electoral rally, he had to come to leave his degree again and return to India. However, he mentions how he studied in London before starting his corporate job there.

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