From Naankhatai To Achappam, 7 Indian Cookies Made In Different Parts Of The Country

by Mallika Khurana
From Naankhatai To Achappam, 7 Indian Cookies Made In Different Parts Of The Country

In the vibrant Indian culinary traditions, cookies hold a special place, offering a symphony of flavours and textures that awaken the senses. Imagine embarking on a culinary journey through the heart of India, where every bite tells a story steeped in history, culture, and a passion for flavour. These aren’t just any cookies; these are the best Indian cookies to make at home, where tradition meets innovation and the kitchen becomes an enchanting realm of creativity.

Best Indian Cookies To Make At Home

1. Naankhatai By Your Food Lab

Naankhatai is a beloved Indian shortbread cookie with a crumbly texture and a rich, buttery taste. Originating from Gujarat, it often includes aromatic ingredients like cardamom, saffron, and sometimes even ground nuts. These cookies pair exceptionally well with a warm cup of tea or coffee, making them a favourite for tea-time snacks. For these lovely Indian cookies, go the extra mile and make them at home with this recipe by Your Food Lab.

2. Shakkar Para By Hebbars Kitchen

Shakkar Para, also known as “Shankarpali” in some regions, are deep-fried, diamond-shaped sweets that are often enjoyed during festivals like Diwali. Made from flour and sugar, they have a slightly sweet and crunchy texture. Some variations may include cardamom or even a pinch of salt for contrast.  When you have this easy recipe by Hebbars Kitchen, you don’t need to wait for Diwali to savour it.

3. Atta Biscuits By CookingShooking

Atta biscuits are a healthier alternative among Indian cookies. They are made using whole wheat flour (atta), which imparts a nutty and wholesome flavour. These biscuits are less sweet compared to others and make for a guilt-free snack option. If you love these cookies, you need to try this recipe by CookingShooking right away.

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4. Roat By Shaheen Syed

Roat is a traditional cookie that’s enjoyed during festivals in many parts of India, including Hyderabad and Rajasthan. It’s made from deep-fried wheat flour pieces coated in sugar or jaggery syrup. Roat has a delightful crunch and a mildly sweet taste. It is often prepared during Diwali and other celebrations. Bookmark this simple recipe by Shaheen Syed and make it for your family.

5. Achappam By Nisha Madhulika

Achappam, also known as “Rose Cookies,” is a popular South Indian delicacy, especially during festivals. These cookies are made using rice flour and coconut milk, resulting in a crispy texture with a mild sweetness. The name “Rose Cookies” comes from their flower-like shape, which is achieved by using a special iron mould. Make these beautiful cookies with this simple recipe by Nisha Madhulika.

6. Khara Biscuits By Shweta’s Kitchen

Popular in Gujarat, Khara biscuits are savoury cookies with a touch of spiciness. They are typically flavoured with ingredients like cumin seeds, black pepper, and curry leaves. These biscuits are ideal for those who prefer a savoury snack with their tea. The spices give them a unique and aromatic flavour. With this amazing recipe by Shweta’s Kitchen, you will be able to enjoy some homemade cookies in no time.

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7. Murukku By Masala Kitchen

Murukku is a popular snack in many South Indian states that can also be classified as a savoury cookie. It is made from rice flour and often includes spices like cumin and sesame seeds. The dough is shaped into intricate spiral or coil patterns and then deep-fried to perfection. These snacks have a satisfying crunch and are a staple during festivals and celebrations. Try this easy-to-follow recipe by Masala Kitchen right away!

Each of these Indian cookies offers a unique flavour profile and cultural significance. 

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