From Pecans To Raspberries, 6 Best Chocolate Pairings Every Chocoholic Must Indulge In

by Mallika Khurana
From Pecans To Raspberries, 6 Best Chocolate Pairings Every Chocoholic Must Indulge In

Chocolates are widely known as sweet drops from heaven that will instantly lift your mood. But have you ever tried pairing chocolate with some other food? If you haven’t, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. When done in the right way, the right chocolate pairing brings varied flavours together, resulting in a mouthwatering culinary experience. Fruits, nuts, spices, and even savoury foods like cheese or coffee can be combined with chocolate. Even, there’s more to classic chocolate combinations than just with orange peel or coffee. Here are some unique chocolate pairings to take note of: 

Best Chocolate Pairings You Must Know About

1. Dark Chocolate With Pecans

Dark chocolate with pecans
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Pecans’ buttery, mildly sweet flavour and the rich, slightly bitter flavour of dark chocolate go together beautifully. The richness of dark chocolate is complemented by the nutty crunch of pecans, creating a delicious chocolate pairing.

2. White Chocolate With Walnuts

White chocolate with walnuts
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White chocolate’s smooth and sweet flavour blends well with walnuts’ mild, slightly smoky flavour. The chocolate’s silkiness and walnuts’ crunchiness work in perfect harmony to create an amazing combination of flavours and textures.

3. Milk Chocolate With Raspberries

Milk chocolate with raspberries
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The tartness of fresh raspberries contrasts beautifully with the sweet and creamy flavour of milk chocolate, coming together as one of the best chocolate pairings. Milk chocolate’s sweetness is complemented by the fresh fruity hints of berries while adding a lush pop of colour as well.

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4. Dark Chocolate With Sourdough

Dark chocolate with sourdough
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One of the most unique chocolate pairings, this combination of sourdough and dark chocolate is simply amazing. The rich and bold flavour of dark chocolate is an exciting contrast to the intense and tangy flavour of sourdough bread. Because the bread’s mild acidity complements the dark chocolate’s sweetness, the two together produce a unique flavour.

5. White Chocolate With Cranberries

White chocolate with cranberries
Photo Credits: Canva

The tartness of the dried cranberries goes really well with the white chocolate’s sweet and creamy flavour. A beautiful blend of sweet and tangy flavours is produced by combining the smoothness of white chocolate with the chewy texture of cranberries. Adding hints of fruity notes to sweet chocolate, this pairing is certainly a match made in heaven.

6. Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts
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The nutty, slightly earthy flavour of hazelnuts complements the creamy, sweet taste of milk chocolate perfectly. Hazelnuts add a crunch to milk chocolate’s smoothness, creating a delicious and scrumptious combination. If you ever taste it, you will know what perfection feels like.

Try these amazing chocolate pairings once and thank us later!

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