From Railway Mutton Curry To Kobiraji, Savour Bengali Cuisine At Jollys Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
From Railway Mutton Curry To Kobiraji, Savour Bengali Cuisine At Jollys Dubai

Are you an Indian expat in Dubai who’s missing the taste of Bengali cuisine? Well then, head straight to Jollys Indian International Restaurant JLT in Dubai. The cuisine at Jollys Dubai, an Indian speciality restaurant, is highly influenced by several imperial cuisines in India. Bengali delights are plentiful on the menu. So do drop by to relish some delectable items off the menu.

Friendly Host And Amazing Food

Jollys hosts are friendly and well informed about the cuisine. While you take in the cosy ambience at Jolly’s, don’t forget to sample some of the exotic and royal Eastern Indian cuisine and spices. Apart from the mentioned menu, they have several other options to choose from. If you are vegetarian then you can opt for their vegetarian or vegan menu according to your liking.

The restaurant also runs offers like happy hours where you can try combinations of food and beverages. But this offer only applies to their street food category only. The offer timings are 3 pm to 7 pm daily. Jollys Dubai had recently introduced combos for the Asia cup.

What To Eat At Jollys Dubai

Jollys Dubai offers a wide range of items both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The food looks so amazing it’s difficult to just choose a few items. The menu is divided into different categories from different states of India. You can find the influence of Calcutta, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi and the streets of Mumbai on their menu.

You can start with soups and starters and can lead towards the main course. It seems like biryani is their speciality. One more unique addition to their menu is the street food from all the cities mentioned above. Finally, after a scrumptious meal, you can finish it off with desserts.
The most high-rated dishes at Jollys Dubai would be Classic Railway Mutton Curry, Mutton Kobiraji, Rosogolla Kofta Curry, Hyderabadi Kadak Tala Hua Gosht, Gosht Rezala, Raan-e-awadh and Daab Chingri for the main course. For starters try their Hyderabadi Special Pathar Ka Gosht which is quite a novelty. If you prefer veg then you can order Dilkush Kebab. For desserts, bite into that soft and juicy Gulab jamun or taste their phirni and gajar ka halwa.

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Jollys also serve smoothies, and hot and cold beverages to try. If you don’t prefer aerated drinks then you can go order shikanji, lassi, chaas, mocktails and milkshakes. Check out their website for the extended menu before visiting the restaurant.

Where: Jumeirah Lake Tower – Dubai
When: 10 am-11pm
Cost:AED 50

Cover Image Courtesy:Jollys Indian International Restaurant