From Safaris To Sundowners, This Opulent Lodge In The Middle Of The Jungle Is Just 2 Hours Away From Udaipur

by Ananya Singh
From Safaris To Sundowners, This Opulent Lodge In The Middle Of The Jungle Is Just 2 Hours Away From Udaipur

Are you trying to choose the “ideal destination” for your jungle holiday with your pals or fam but finding it difficult? Folks, don’t worry; we have the ideal colonial lodge in the middle of a serene jungle full of luxury. Recently, Curly Tales came across the Mountbatten Lodge, a retreat surrounded by the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary nestled in a beautiful valley.

Where is the Mountbatten Lodge?

Lodge In The Middle Of The Jungle
Image Credit: Mountbatten Lodge

About 10 kilometres from Ranakpur, Mountbatten Lodge is near the famous Jain Temple. There are around four huge rooms on this modest property, which is tucked away in the woods at the base of the Aravalli Mountains. Lovely banyan trees surround it, and the grounds include a tiny creek that flows through them. According to local legend, Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy to India, was a tall Englishman who travelled to India in the 1920s with a hunting party and stayed in tents. The lodge’s owners chose the name Mountbatten Lodge in light of local folklore. Exuding colonial-era vibes, this luxury lodge radiates elegance and luxury. 

Experience the Luxury of Colonial Resort!

Lodge In The Middle Of The Jungle
Image Credit: Mountbatten Lodge

This jungle retreat in Marwar’s ghatis symbolises Rajasthan’s other side, bordered by a forest of rustling trees and wildlife. When you stay at Mountbatten Lodge, you might frequently see animals in the wild, like panthers and wild boars, but more importantly, you’ll enjoy a calm retreat away from the clamour of the city.

The property’s subtle and exquisite design gives a delicate colonial ambience, which includes heavy wooden doors and windows, huge verandas, landscaped gardens with tall trees, and hunting and polo souvenirs. The building is composed of deep grey brickwork. The largest family room is like a free-standing lodge with two distinct, spacious rooms. It shares a sitting area, broad veranda, and swimming pool; a fantastic place for a large family, two families, or couples. The four rooms each feature private plunge pools. The family rooms and pool area have plenty of comfortable day beds for lounging. And, oh, he restrooms open directly onto the pool! This lodge in the middle of the Jungle has entire furniture and textile in warm tones. Fancy, right? 

The hospitality of The Mountbatten Resort!

Mountbatten Logde
Image Credit: Mountbatten Lodge

In addition to sunset cocktails, lunch is served beneath impressive 300-year-old banyan trees. You can enjoy the beverages at the bar while sitting on a bar stool or unwinding on the deep leather couch. What better way to enjoy that than while admiring the homage to hunting lodges from earlier in India’s past?

Mountbatten Lodge offers activities, including elephant rides into the forest to spot leopards, horseback safaris, trekking, and safaris to see leopards. When travelling between Udaipur and Jodhpur, two of Rajasthan’s busiest tourist destinations, Mountbatten Lodge is an excellent site to stop by and explore the renowned Ranakpur Jain temple complex. It’s also a refreshing break from the hotels and the havelis with Rajput themes that predominate.

Remember that they also provide horseback riding, sundowners in the mountains, and opportunities to meet local villagers. And with beautiful views, you can even have a private breakfast in the centre of a bubbling stream! What a fun thing to add to your trip! If you’re there for your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway with your S.O., they’ll arrange a romantic “rose dinner” for you two.

Therefore, keep this fantastic location in mind the next time you think about taking a couple or family vacation.

Where: The Mountbatten Lodge – Akathak, Village Magga, Saira, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: +91 9928 009 216

Cost: Rs 33,000 Onwards (Single Occupancy), Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Mountbatten Lodge