From Sipping Cold Drinks To Riding Metros, Indian Monkeys Are Playful & These Videos Are Proof

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Sipping Cold Drinks To Riding Metros, Indian Monkeys Are Playful & These Videos Are Proof

Social media is filled with videos that make you cry, laugh, and sometimes put on your thinking cap. Well, some of these videos are related to cute little animals that make your day with their cute antics. No, we are not talking about dogs or cats, but monkeys this time! Monkeys are these days reigning over social media with their actions like eating pani puri or roaming around in the metro. Here is a compilation for you!

Indian Monkeys Are Playful, Here’s Proof!

Indian monkeys are going all playful, and their cute videos are going viral on the internet. Recently, a monkey was spotted relishing pani puri. In the viral video, it was seen sitting on a vendor’s cart and enjoying one of India’s favourite snacks like any other Indian pani puri lover does. 

The animal stole all the attention from pani puri, as onlookers were amazed to see it enjoying this popular street food. Pani puri is surely an irresistible snack for us, but we did not know that even monkeys cannot resist it. 

It was calmly enjoying its treat like any normal individual would and did not seem to bother anyone. 

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If you think monkeys only like eating pani puri, wait until you see another one. This monkey was spotted quenching his thirst not with water but with a bottle of Thums Up. It was seen drinking a cold drink from a bottle until the very last drop. 


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Well, moving on from monkeys who are foodies to travel freaks The Delhi metro, which is famous for various viral videos on social media, witnessed a cute traveller. In a viral video, a monkey was seen in a metro compartment, where he was seen hopping on a passenger’s shoulders. While other passengers left their seats, this animal too came off the passenger’s shoulders and went to another compartment. 

Well, this makes me want to change the tagline from ” Mhari choriyan choro se kam hai to Mhara monkey insaano se kam hai ke”. 

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Have you ever spotted a monkey doing such antics?

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