Aaj Dal-Chawal Sushi, Kal Kadai Sushi? Comedian Funnily Predicts Future Of Sushi In India!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Aaj Dal-Chawal Sushi, Kal Kadai Sushi? Comedian Funnily Predicts Future Of Sushi In India!

A year back, comedian Gaurav Kapoor made hilarious sushi predictions. He claimed that Delhiites having a liking for sushi could lead to the birth of ‘gravy sushi’, ‘tandoori sushi’ and even ‘paneer sushi’ in the near future. We’re living in a world of outrageous food trends, so Gaurav Kapoor’s prediction actually came true. Recently, a dal-chawal sushi video went viral on the Internet and here’s how the comedian responded.

Gaurav Kapoor Says After Dal-Chawal Sushi, Kadai Sushi Could Be Next In The Market

Stand-up comedian, Gaurav Kapoor in his Instagram video states that dal-chawal sushi ( posted by @anushreebhutada) has arrived in the market. He goes on to add that World Health Organization (WHO) must take note of this immediately. The comedian goes on to add that such bizarre food innovations must be stopped right away. After all, the day is not far away when we’d witness sushi lababdar, malai sushi and even sushi do pyaza.


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The comedian hilariously says that the Japanese don’t know that our gravies are the same. And we Indians just choose to put paneer and chicken in it. In his video, he goes on to add that in just two years from now, we may end up ordering lachhha paratha with kadai sushi. Sirka wala pyaaz will be replaced with soya sauce pyaaz.

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Sushi Innovations That No One’s Asking For!

Moreover, he predicts that— pusabi—a pudina and wasabi combination may come to life. Trust Gaurav Kapoor to throw truth bombs with a straight face! His earlier sushi predictions also came true as recently the Internet witnessed an outrageous dal-chawal sushi. The comedian also adds that a cultural exchange between India and Japan could turn dangerous for Japan as Indians may create the most blasphemous sushi innovations.


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With 68k views, his video went viral on Instagram. One person commented that he was waiting for Ramen Samosa. Actor Sonam Bajwa had a laugh-out-loud moment as she added laughing emojis in the comments section. Other Instagrammers requested Gaurav Kapoor not to give people business ideas.

Meanwhile, what do you think about the future of sushi in India? Does it scare you or are you up for bizarre innovations?

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