From Starters To Desserts, 6 Best Last-Minute Independence Day Dishes To Try; Recipes Inside

by Mallika Khurana
From Starters To Desserts, 6 Best Last-Minute Independence Day Dishes To Try; Recipes Inside

As Independence Day approaches, the spirit of patriotism and unity fills the air, and what better way to celebrate than through the joy of culinary creativity? One of the most delightful ways to pay tribute to the tricolour Indian flag is by preparing Last-Minute Independence Day dishes that mirror its vibrant hues on a plate. Explore these delightful dishes that celebrate the spirit of independence with every bite.

Last-Minute Independence Day Recipes


1. Tiranga Dhokla

This dish is a colourful rendition of the classic dhokla, a popular Indian snack. It is not only the perfect snack to start a flavourful feast, but it will also be the ultimate visual delight on your spread. Try this easy-to-follow recipe by CookingShooking and indulge in some yummy dhokla.

2. Tri-Colour Sandwich

These bite-sized sandwiches showcase the Indian flag’s colours in a delightful appetiser. The tricolour layers consist of green spread, slices of white bread, and orange carrot or bell pepper fillings. These sandwiches are both visually appealing and flavourful. This recipe by HomeCookingShow is the easiest one out there, and you must give it a shot.

Main Course:

3. Tri-Colour Dosa

This is a creative twist on the traditional South Indian dosa. These colourful dosas are not only eye-catching but also a delicious addition to your Independence Day meal. Check out this amazing recipe by Niti’s Cooking and treat your family and friends to some special Independence Day dishes.

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4. Tiranga Pulao

A tricolour pulao is a celebratory dish that combines three different rice preparations in the colours of the Indian flag. The layers consist of saffron, white, and green rice. This pulao recipe by Rajshri Food will give you a dish as delightful to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.


5. Tri-Colour Ladoo

Ladoos are popular Indian sweets, and the tri-colour version is a treat for special occasions like Independence Day. If visually pleasing and yummy treats are what you are looking for, check out this amazing recipe by She Cooks.

6. Tri-Colour Mousse

Who doesn’t love a good scoop of chocolate mousse? Especially if it looks like a little Indian flag, you will not be able to decide if you keep it or savour every bite. Just follow this simple recipe by MintsRecipes to make this Independence Day special.

These Last-Minute Independence Day dishes creatively incorporate the tricolour theme to celebrate the spirit of India’s independence while delighting your taste buds.

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