From Strawberry Chutney To Strawberry Cake, Here Are Some Must-Try Berry-Licious Recipes

Love strawberries? Try these easy and unique recipes!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Strawberry Chutney To Strawberry Cake, Here Are Some Must-Try Berry-Licious Recipes

Strawberry! Do your eyes twinkle every time you hear or read this name? Well, ours do! No other fruit is as cute, gorgeous, and delicious as strawberries. Strawberries have a little tart flavour and are juicy and sweet. Strawberries smell like sweet caramel, and the fruity scent is produced by the esthers in them. The marketplaces are overflowing with strawberries in the winter. This gives us an amazing opportunity to incorporate this fruit into our diet, and if you are wondering how, well, we have your back with these strawberry recipes.

Check Out These Easy Strawberry Recipes

1. Strawberry Chutney By Chef Kunal Kapur

We are sure you are shocked to see strawberry and chutney together as the name of a dish but trust us, you will fall in love with it once you taste it. It is sweet, with a tinge of spice, and delicious! It is super easy to make and also very versatile to use. It’s delicious, whether used as a spread on toast bread or chapatis, enjoyed as a side dish, or even just to lick the spoon.  

2. Eggless Strawberry Cake By Chef Kunal Kapur

Made with fresh strawberries, this is an eggless strawberry cake. The cake is made with simple components like wheat, oil, and sugar, and it is incredibly moist. You will adore this cake if you give it a try this summer. When you feel like baking some berries, this is a wonderful go-to delicacy that is undoubtedly the best kind of therapy. 

3. Strawberry Mocktail By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

There is nothing like a refreshing mocktail on a tiring day. How about making a strawberry mocktail? No, it’s not at all a fuss; instead, with the recipe in this video, you can make it anytime! With this quick and easy recipe, you can make a frizzy, tangy, and sweet mocktail at home. Be it a party at home or just a small get-together or your me time, try this mocktail and you will not frown. 

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4. Strawberry Halwa By Chef Nisha Madhulika

You say dessert, and we Indians will surely hear halwa first. From Gajar ka halwa to Dudhi ka halwa to Moong ka halwa, we Indians love it the most. But if you think of giving it a fruity twist, try this easy recipe for strawberry halwa. Yes, the name might sound alien, but after tasting it, you will surely fall in love with it. Do try once!

5. Eggless Strawberry Pancake By Chef Ajay Chopra

Do you like pancakes for breakfast? Well, these days we all do it, especially with honey or Nutella spread, isn’t it? But this winter season, why not use strawberries to add a nice sweet and a bit sour flavour to the pancakes? Here’s how you can make fluffy eggless strawberry pancakes at home with this easy recipe. 

6. Strawberry Salsa By Chef Tarla Dalal

With the versatility that strawberries offer, why not use them to make salsa? No, not the dance, but the one that is served with crispy sides like nachos. Yes, strawberry salsa is sweet with a hint of sourness to it and is a perfect addition to your crispy nachos. Not only that, you can easily pair it up with any crispy option. 

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Do try these berry-licious recipes and let us know!

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