From Travelling With Pets To Volunteering, These Are Going To Be Top Travel Trends Of 2020!

by Kanika Sharma
From Travelling With Pets To Volunteering, These Are Going To Be Top Travel Trends Of 2020!

New year means new travel plans. New year also means new travel trends. From sleep-cations to sustainable tourism, experience driven trips to visiting some of the most popular places, travellers from around the world were trotting around the globe and exploring places their own way.

As the new year begins, there are certain predictions as to what kind of travel trends will people be following when chalking an itinerary this year.

1. Eco-Tourism

According to research done by, ’76% Gen Z travellers would be opting for environment friendly ways of travelling.’ This is a travel trend that took off after many youngsters started following the footsteps of Greta Thunberg.

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The research also suggested that in order to their bit to protect the environment, they will opt for more sustainable ways to travel, like trains and buses once they reach the destination. It is predicted that this form of travelling might give rise to another trend, which is travelling by trains. Does sound exciting though, doesn’t it? Move aside business class in planes, luxury coaches, here we come!

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2. Travelling With Pets

Hikes, hotel stays, and beach ball! Many travellers are opting for stay options and destinations where they can take their pets along. The digital travel platform, revealed that 42% pet owners from around the world ‘would choose a holiday destination where they can take their pets along with them.’ In fact, the survey also reveals that they would not mind paying extra to go to a place where their pet can lodge with them.

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3. Micro-cations

Micro-cations as a travel trend is going to be extremely popular among the working professionals. Given the busy schedule and long working hours, many feel the need to take short breaks in order to recuperate. It can’t really be classified as a vacation, because they might just like to stay within the hotel property and not explore.

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According to ‘experts at Preferred Hotels & Resorts, a micro-cation is defined as a holiday consisting of less than four nights of stay’. Another way travellers are making the most of it is by extending work trips with vacation days and taking time to relax before they join the regular routine.

4. Under-Tourism

One of the biggest drawbacks of visiting a popular travel spot is long queues, overcrowded areas and disappointment. With so many people thronging one particular place, one doesn’t get to do or witness what they travelled around the world for. Hence, this might give rise to a new trend called ‘under-tourism’ which is the opposite of over-tourism. Travellers will chalk itineraries to travel to the not-so-popular spots in order to make the most of their vacation time, suggests Original Travel.

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This might also lead to more and more people travelling during off-season to popular destinations in order to tick those off their bucket list. Making off-season travel another popular trend this year.

5. Volunteer Tourism

When was the last time you went to a place and soaked-in all the surroundings or explored the place like a local? Holiday deals company, Perfect Stays, suggests that ‘travellers want more than a simple visit to a new destination. In fact, over 50% of travellers value a travel experience, which is more than just memorable, but positively changes them on a personal level too.’ Hence, the inception of ‘voluntourism’; where people can explore the nativity of a place on their own by being a part of it.

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So, how are you planning your next travel?