From Wine Cellar To Movie Theatre, Migaloo M5 Is The World’s First $3 Billion Super Luxe Submarine

Migaloo M5 provides an opulent, bunker-like environment beneath the waves.

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Wine Cellar To Movie Theatre, Migaloo M5 Is The World’s First $3 Billion Super Luxe Submarine

In recent years, the tourism industry has witnessed a paradigm shift of travelling in superyachts and submarines. Now, a massive, four-week underwater luxury superyacht by an Austrian business has opened up a whole new world of exploration beneath the ocean’s surface.

What Is This Submersible Superyacht?

The boom in private submarine tourism has been fueled by technological advancements. The Austrian-designed Migaloo M5, which combines superyacht luxury with submarine stealth, is set to revolutionise marine living. Although the M5 has not yet sailed, it seems to be the first luxury super submarine in the world. With a length of 541 feet, the Migaloo M5 submersible can accommodate 20 passengers and 40 crew members. While, it will dive you to a depth of 250 meters. In an era where travelers seek more than just conventional sightseeing, this offers a truly unique and unparalleled experience.

Safety concerns, regulatory frameworks, and environmental impact assessments are critical aspects that demand careful consideration. Despite the growing popularity, the industry faces its fair share of challenges. According to an article published by Man Of Many, CEO Christian Gumpold has struggled to find buyers for the Migaloo M5, despite having pitched the vehicle for several months. Safety is still a top priority, especially in light of the Titan submersible disaster that occurred in June of last year.

Although the Migaloo M5 provides an opulent, bunker-like environment beneath the waves, its security will undoubtedly be questioned. The M5, with a price tag of up to AUD $3 billion, will have a lot to prove in terms of safety. But Migaloo is still confident in the security of their vessel. The company offers a variety of rescue methods, including mini-submarines, and double-hull design for ultimate protection.

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What’s So Special About Migaloo M5?

Unlike traditional snorkeling or scuba diving, private submarines provide an enclosed and comfortable environment. Imagine cruising through vibrant coral reefs, gliding alongside majestic marine life– all from the safety and comfort of a personal submarine.

For additional underwater exploration, it includes two six-person mini submarines, a helipad, and space for jet skis.The ship has a 36-seat dining room with glass walls where visitors may enjoy delectable meals while taking in breathtaking views of the ocean and aquatic life. If that’s still not enough, you may enhance your experience by adding extras like a movie theater, wine cellar, or swimming pool. Albeit these come extra. This bespoke experience has become a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

Balancing the desire for unique and exclusive experiences, it is to see when Migaloo M5 will set sail.

Cover image credits: Website/Migaloo